Freedom from doubt is what belief is about. We can handle many obstacles that try to prevent Us from achieving our goals when we’re confident in what we believe. Living to grow places Us in a protective state because growth assures us that we are moving forward. If we believe in ourselves the we can achieve in life. Doubt brings Us to our knees asking ourselves, ” What did I do wrong?” Well, maybe what we thought would happen has drawn our attention off the prize. Focus. Sometimes what we do wrong is waiver which bring Us back to being tied down or shackled to disbelief. This is bondage of the mind. So belief frees us. I would rather live life as if there is hope for eternity than die and find out that I missed my chance. The way through trouble is to have confidence that we will make it. Negativity can slow down the process of healing. Positivity will enable a state of mind that will bring a change to our situation even if it’s just an attitude adjustment. Actions taken to assure success will ultimately bring rewards. Complacency isn’t freedom so choose to act. Insurance protects Us from a possible loss. Assurance reinforces our thinking, “We won’t lose!” Assurance also tills us that we WILL no matter what. Since we have assurances there is no if’s ands or buts. Stick to your guns without doubt, for confidence is “Assurance,” and that is what believing in yourself is about. Alan Alston Sr

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