Asleep (Drifting) Book One

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Robert Paul was brutally abused by his mother.

Are we going to die in dignity or disgrace?

That is the ultimate question Robert asks us to ask ourselves—a compelling story of child abuse, betrayal, and adolescent trauma. Little Robert’s early life was spent in a never-ending change of environments and survival. Born in Espanola, New Mexico—Robert had the furthest thing from a happy childhood. He lived with Lucinda, his unstable mother, and his three younger siblings (one of whom was given up for adoption) due to her profligate promiscuity with several men.

Enduring his narcissistic mother’s abuse, plus constant relocations, Robert found comfort in the unconditional love of his grandmother and Aunt Betty. Disturbing yet captivating, Robert spares no detail, no matter how sordid—from youthful and sometimes life-threatening exuberance to juvenile romance that shaped his worldview on people and love.

Profoundly personal and palpably raw, Asleep (Drifting) is a touching story about the resilience of a child’s spirit in the face of extreme difficulties. Robert’s early life highlights the power of personal agency and self-forgiveness on the path toward recovery from childhood trauma. It is so well written, and it comes across as a hilarious tragedy!

 Out of the ashes, Robert found a way to become a successful business owner, completed two significant marathons, numerous half-marathons, mini-triathlons, and kicked the drug and alcohol habit on November 2, 2007—never to look back!

His story of stopping drinking, doing drugs, and accepting himself and others is awe-inspiring.  Robert’s mission in life is to help abused children and bring awareness to those individuals’ plight. Robert also reaches out to those afflicted with drug and alcohol dependency with his life coach expertise and inspirational public speaking ability to transform all he touches with his books!

“This novel is a stark, magical exploration of the enduring bond between a son and his family, who had given up on life. It is created by a disturbed and abused teenager whose mother, Lucinda, chooses to emotionally and psychologically abandon him rather than face her problems. Robert inherits Lucinda’s issues while coping with his brutal childhood. The relationships between light, darkness, love, and hate are prevalent in this beautiful memoir.”

—  Amazon Reader, Reign Goddess

“As a mother of three and grandmother of two, I was compelled to keep reading the first book in Robert Paul’s three-part series. Even though it broke my heart to read of such abuse to a little boy who could not escape it, I cannot fathom the pain of living through such an ordeal. It is one thing to read a fictional story of ill-treatment. Still, it’s heart-rending and devastating to read Robert Paul’s account of the torment he suffered. With the help of his beloved Grandmother and Aunt Betty, Robert learned what a loving environment was despite all he went through in his journey to adulthood!”

— (Author) C.H. Admirand

“This rather amazing travelogue of the life of a young man raised in circumstances no one should be raised in reminds me of the “Night of the Gun.” A riveting journey that can help all understand the power within each of us to heal and grow. Lead on, Robert, lead on!

— Amazon Reader Mary Lou

5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read!!!

“This was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Living in Northern New Mexico and raised in Southern CA, I could relate to what Robert went through. Fast reading, entertaining some sad and funny times he went through in life. Book 2 was just as good. I’m ready for book 3.”

— Amazon Reader Brittney

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