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Samantha Swain talks all about her roots as a writer coming from a Criminal Investigation Division and her life of writing since then.

I am Samantha Swain. Born and raised in a suburb of Chicago. I am the youngest in my family; the only girl, and eight years behind the youngest boy. 

Most recently, I worked in a Criminal Investigation Division. As a solo writer I write true crime. Since the pandemic started I spearheaded Anthologies where I had teams of inexperienced writers to write on topics that they experienced or had first-hand knowledge of. Namely, Domestic Violence, Narcissism, Regrets & Depression, PTSD, Milk & Honey book of poetry, and the Lifestyle of BDSM. Also added Poly Lifestyle and HeSaid SheSaid which is an 80+ questions/responses on Relationship Issues. All published through Amazon. Most are a stand alone, but Domestic Violence and PTSD are series. 

Can’t point my finger to any one person as my inspiration. Being a writer of true crime I get fulfilled following the laws of attraction. Developing that way of thinking over time has led me to being a Collaborative Coordinator of multiple Anthologies. I’ve always had an interest in being a writer ever since I could remember. Professionally I’ve been writing since 2016.

My target audience are those that want to be heard. Hence, my Anthologies. Challenging topics to say the least, but you would be amazed as to the number of people that stand-up and step forward. Speaking of which, people continue to seek me out on various topics that either interest them or as a topic that they have an interest in helping write.

My hope for readers is that I am always open to pulling writing teams together and offering a platform for them to “speak”. There are topics that I currently have looking for inexperienced writers. Making it a reason to follow me on social media; namely, facebook which is more popular for me.

My future goals are simple: To keep writing and I have two Anthology groups going for tv movies. Speaking of which, two scripts have been written and will presented tomorrow.

As a Solo writer of true crime there are television shows that interest me such as Castle (which no longer comes on), Chicago PD, Blue Bloods, and others.

Whether writing on true crime or figuring topics for Anthologies I can’t say that I have real struggles. While writing a true crime it’s not as if I can relate, but it becomes a matter of being familiar with law. In fact, true crime is a top seller in other countries. For example, in England it’s against the law to have a gun. The only ones that do are guardsmen that guard the palace. It’s hard for them to believe the crime that’s committed in the U.S.

When it comes to marketing/promoting a writer has to know their audience. Believe it or not true crime holds its own popularity. Anthology topics, require marketing/promoting beyond the norm. In the beginning an inexperienced writer had the option of using a penname. Because the pandemic prompted stay-at-home orders I didn’t want to make being at home extra difficult not knowing how long it was going to last.

As with any upcoming events I have none on the calendar. So much has been put on hold because of the pandemic. In the meantime I’ll keep writing on true crime and there are four (4) Anthologies on the immediate horizon.

Samantha Swain encourages is to keep writing. And not to be afraid to test the waters in another stream of income that can accompany writing.

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  1. Carol Fritzgerald

    Hello! I would like to request an interview. I am on of Samantha Swain’s newest anthology writers.

  2. Lyric

    Loved the interview! Hope to see more of her❤️


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