“An Independent Woman”

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“An Independent Woman”

An independent woman lives her life without any restrictions
She goes and comes as she wishes
No one to confine or condemn her

An independent woman lives her life without fear
She embraces new challenges, faces trials without worry
And overcomes any obstacle she faces

An independent woman knows no boundaries and has no limit
She does not take “NO” for an answer
She is convincing, demanding, and persistent
Her friends are many and her enemies are few

An independent woman can stand alone
She does not depend on anyone for anything
She is talented, hardworking, and strong-willed

An independent woman is a devoted mother, lover, and friend
She is warm-hearted, giving, empathetic, and intelligent
She is open-minded and has a kind heart

An independent woman is full of life, spirit, and vigor
She is a woman of strong faith, compassion, and determination
She is an exceptional and extraordinary woman….
An independent woman!


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