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This is my first book ever written and I know that everyone who reads it, this book will not only change your lives but save your lives and your families future. Why you ask or what makes you think you know me? I don’t know you but what I will guarantee is you will never read another book like mine because there isn’t one. This is going to be the most controversial and powerful book ever written since God’s own holy bible and it was the living God who inspired me to write it.

So for the 2.5 billion Christians this is not about your man made religions it is for you seeking the living God and reading your bible they all say the same things there is only one living God, Jesus and Holy Spirit stop seeing the living God through man’s eyes and see the living God through God’s eyes. America let me be very clear about my book what it is not and what it is. It is not fictional novel, a documentary, a love story, not political view points in any way here we are no Democrat or Republican only American citizens and it is not just my point of view. 

It is a book that tells the absolute truth about everything we have been lied to from the very beginning and still being lied to today. From the very first chapter. The truth about the living God and his own holy bible, our history, our country, our government body and how they legally allow massive killings of millions of Americans in this country with no punishment of any kind. The laws of our land and how they violate our legal and Constitutioal rights every, the 7 Articles of the Constitution that tells us exactly how our country should be ran.

How Americans are tricked into losing trillions of dollars because of lies and deceit, and how corporate America is destroying our country our lives and our future. Every word of this book is the truth backed up by documentation and facts do I challenge everyone of you who reads this book to challenge every word written here seek out the truth because this is only the beginning of what is to come. With real true knowledge and facts people can and will make the right choices for them every time.

Lastly if you are tired of the way our country is being ran with all the lies tyranny and corruption and you want real change come to our website and join what is going to be the most powerful united one voice one people one force that will change this country forever. I look forward to your comments and findings after you research the facts.

Atwin Davis
Atwin Davis author of America Are We Really Free

My name is Atwin Davis and I’m from Saginaw Michigan. I am 62 years old and this book America Are We Really Free? Born Of Theft To Devastation.


  1. Alaindra Jackson

    Very nice I really like it

  2. Atwin Davis

    you have no idea what my book is about

  3. Claire

    Can somebody tell me what this book is about? Is it a religious one? I’m a bit confused.

    • Sheska

      Well, the author does say it’s inspired by God. It’s like a religious book but also isn’t. Rather than teaching us religious concepts, it’s more about exposing the truths about life. It’s straightforward and a no-holds-barred type of book. Very enjoyable.

  4. Emily

    True freedom is living accordingly with God

    • Christian

      Politics has surely destroyed many people’s connection with the Lord.


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