Amazing Pierre Dimaculangan Present-Day Filipino Polymath

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It has been said frequently that  highly-intellectual people and geniuses are often also known polymaths.

Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Pythagoras, Alexander Graham Bell, Aristotle, Omar Khayyam, Michelangelo di Lodovico Bounarroti Simoni, Newton, Copernicus, and the Philippines National Hero Jose Mercado Rizal.

Now, the Philippines has another emerging polymath. In the person of the young Fil-Am Pierre Dimaculangan. Which is a long time coming since the death of National hero, Jose Rizal.

The 28-year-old Pierre Dimaculangan – who was born at the heart of Manila, and the capital of the Philippines – and now a resident of Queens, New York, the US’ business hub and the center of the culture, the arts and industry.

The energetic Pierre is a digital artist, designer and is an astounding and extraordinary Adventure-Fantasy novelist. His interests include world history, particularly ancient Asian civilization. He loves and is considered a master as a gamer on story-playing video games, a lover of movies, TV, shows and stage play ( being a New Yorker Broadway plays a big part in their history and cultural development ) and quick to describe himself as an all-around geek. He is into music – as a drummer – being a humble person, a trait most distinguish Filipino possess, he may also be quick to dismiss himself, as not belonging to the league of Ginger Baker, Ringo Starr, Mike Portnoy, Dave Grohl, Keith Moon and John Bonham.

The young Pierre also is very much into and practices Martial Arts, religiously – where he also gets his insights and ideas for his adventure-fantasy novels. His particular interest is Muy Thai and Parkour. This young, good-looking boy-next-door-type nerd is not to be trifled with too, because he knew enough techniques and moves that could re-arrange your anatomy in a most painful way.

But what this most remarkable and sensational prodigy is his phenomenal achievement in the field of literature and novel writing – particularly in the adventure-fantasy genre.

This incredibly young Filipino – one of his many desirable traits is his vehemence to acknowledge his roots, forcefully urge people and friends alike to know his Filipino origin – had written 6 books on Fantasy-Adventure and two Children’s book he co-authored with young fellow astonishing and awesome and the terribly attractive Debbie Famin who reminds me of the Hong Kong actress and martial arts expert Michelle Yeoh.


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