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In this Author’s lounge, I would like to elaborate on why I wrote “Amazing Grays.” First, I am physical therapy educator who has always been amazed at the intricate structure and function of the human body.  I had the privilege of dissecting my first human cadaver 45 years ago during my first semester in physical therapy school and was absolutely intrigued by what I found. From the glistening white Achilles tendon in the foot to the deep crevices of the human brain, every structure has its own unique architecture and purpose.

During my subsequent years as a practicing clinician and university professor, I have had the opportunity to share my growing fascination and appreciation of the inner workings of the human body with hundreds of students who share my interests. Second, I have always been a bit of a trivia geek, and the human body certainly provides a wealth of amazing details to feed that passion! Although I originally intended this book to provide some inspiration and assurance to students pursuing health care careers, I modified the writing style to appeal to the general public as well.

Despite its many variations, the design of the human body is the one thing that we all share in common and I think anyone who reads “Amazing Grays” will learn something new about that divine design! In this Author’s Lounge, you will find an excerpt that provides some hints at the type of trivia found in this book. Finally, as a Christian I am intrigued by the many anatomical analogies found in the Bible which are used to describe how we behave and treat one another. Indeed, the writers of the New Testament frequently compare the interactive components of the human body to the spiritual unity among Christian believers.

Obviously the title of this book also has a dual meaning. We rely on the gray matter of our brain to control our behavioral responses, but we need God’s grace to forgive us when that behavior is not so good! Both the “grays” and the “grace” reflect the complexity of God’s plan for designing and redeeming His human creation which is nothing short of amazing. As an educator, this Author’s Lounge provides a great opportunity for me to share my musings with others who have a similar professional and spiritual passion.


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