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I am relaxing in the Authors Lounge. My name is Daniel L. Pekarek. I am the author of the Alcent Trilogy. It is science based science fiction based on fantasies I had when I was a teenager. I am a retired aerospace engineer and have been studying astronomy my entire life.

The Universe fascinates me, so much so, that I have always dreamed of having my own private starship, so I could explore it. Writing a science fiction trilogy was my way to achieve this dream. The human imagination is a powerful tool that allows us to enjoy adventures that aren’t available in real life.

Alcent, The Ultimate Adventure, is the first book in my sci-fi trilogy. The story begins in 2092. It is about the first people to leave Earth on our first starship. These interstellar pioneers travel to Alcent, a dinosaur planet orbiting Alpha Centauri A. Their mission is to establish a human colony on Alcent. The mission becomes complicated and filled with mystery when the earth people discover evidence indicating that they aren’t alone on Alcent. The Alcent Trilogy delivers daring outdoor adventure, romance, mystery, conflict, and even some humor.

You can read Alcent chapter one for free at

All three books in the trilogy are available for purchase at Barnes and Noble’s online store (

They have print books and electronic books in their Nook e reader  format.

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  1. Steven Marques

    We et a number of years ago shortly after Vol 3 was published. You autographed the three volumes for my son, who is an engineer with a grad degree in Propulsion Systems. The stories were really great. Will there be a Volume 4? I sure hope so. I hve been waiting all this time for it.


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