Adaptation of survival skills at work By Nathaniel H. Echols

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Why adaptability is a key competency for success?

Entrepreneurs (job creators) and employers have always been subject to change and disruption in the market, but not at the breathtaking pace that they’re currently facing. Consumer needs are changing faster and becoming less frivolous. New competitors are arising with unique product benefits to meet those new needs. And of course, there is pressure on businesses to adopt green practices and roll out eco-friendly products. They have no choice but to change their business model and adopt new technologies and strategies.

In the middle of change are employees and workers, many of them uncertain about what the future holds. Many hard-working and loyal people have left or lost their jobs… many employees have been laid off due to any of the following: restructuring, overhead reduction, computers, the Internet, and, to some extent, robots, among others. These trends are reducing labor costs and reducing jobs.

As there are companies that strive to adjust to new market challenges and economic trends, there are also employees and workers who rise to meet the challenges of the workplace. They have the skill of adaptability. What is adaptability?

Adaptability is defined as “the ability to change oneself to fit changed circumstances.” It is not about skills or talents but more about behavior, as well as mindset. It’s about what you actually do when it becomes clear that something needs to change. Do you run away from change… or welcome it as an opportunity to become better at what you do?

Contrary to what others believe, adaptability isn’t always linked to adversity. Sometimes the change isn’t particularly negative but you still need to adapt to positive changes, as well as challenges. For example, if you got promoted to a management position, you will need to adapt to new responsibilities, plus an increasing workload. Or if the QA department is hiring and you happen to possess the skill set and expertise required for the position they’re hiring for, you apply for that position with the full confidence that you can meet the job’s demands.

Why is adaptability important? A popular saying goes, “Change is the only constant thing in this world.” If there’s one thing that is certain, you need to cope with change in your career (and in your life). Sometimes in the workplace, change could be difficult, perhaps something you and/or your employer aren’t expecting or don’t really want to be happening. That’s where adaptability comes in. Adaptability, after all, is the skill to grow, learn and change in order to fit new circumstances, rather than remain static.

The same goes for entrepreneurs (job creators) and employers. Their survival – and continued success – in the market depend on how well they adapt to changing conditions. As new consumers’ engagement with digital technology and purchasing behaviors change, they expect a more personalized and responsive interaction with brands. For this reason, businesses (try to) adopt new attitudes and approaches to customer acquisition and retention. At the same time, they exhort their employees to go the extra mile and become indispensable in the workplace; that is, to adapt to the changing market they both serve.

Author Nathaniel Echols

As a soldier, you obey. As a civilian, when you finally understand what is required for survival and you embrace the challenge you make many choices. In my years of experience working in the aaccounting profession success was measured very differently, while existing each owner’s cultures/environments and management styles, you must develop continual startegies, along the system, on what to watch for silently and react to caustiously. This has nothing to with the workload! From what I have observed over the years in the dynamics of business operations, it’s always better at the top, sometimes! The games people play can either be helpful or devastating. By-the-way, I worked my way from the floor to the ceiling over the 30 plus years. This journey of mine, continuous to be filled with anxiety  and it continues to draw me in, strangely. People are people. It’s their objectives that keeps me poised. but what unnerves me the most is crony-ismand nepotism. but remeber bottom line is SURVIVAL!


  1. Claire

    With how fast the world is changing, its indeed necessary to be adaptable to these changes.

    • Savannah

      Agreed. This is exactly why Mr. Echols book has been such a big help to me.


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