This book was inspired by a loved one who is affected by Hemophilia. “Give Me The Marks” identifies the pain within my heart.  Each and every word describes my wants and wishes. Wishes that my loved one will be able to get through the times he will need to go through for having this blood disorder. Watching him go through the pain was never easy, I felt like I am also hurting the way he is. And if there is something that I could do, I would probably swap place with him. But I know it could not happen. So I have lots of wishes for him every day, and as part of those wish I accompanied it with prayers and belief that everything’s going to be fine. And I know he is strong enough to go through the hell of this disease and how lucky I am I was given a challenge that I was able to handle all through this time.


 Hemophilia is a Bleeding Disorder.  Bleeding disorder is inherited. This bleeding disorder is a royal disease that will trace us back to the history. The blood does not clot normally.  There different types of Hemophilia.  Hemophilia is affecting male more than female. It’s all over the world and it has nothing to do with race.  There are infusions at this time (prophylaxis) but no cure.  


 I grew up in a small village in Europe.  Life was not what life is today.  There were no toys for children to play with as it is today.  Our parents especially mothers were working very hard in the gardens to plant vegetables and fruit for their family in order to have healthy diet.  Children mostly were out in the street playing hide and seek because there were NO toys as it is today for children to have fun.  

Ever since I was a little girl, no matter where I was, with whoever I was with, friends or family I felt that there were more interesting things to do. As I grew older everything that was happening around me, my feelings and desires turn out to be my wishes in my future.  Those feelings and wishes identified not just my life but also the life of many.  That’s where the title of my book “A Rainbow of Our Life” is coming from.  

I have been interested in poetry ever since I can remember. As a young child, I remember making up rhymes. Most recently, I have attended various seminars, workshops, and poetry readings.  Poetry is my favorite way of expressing myself, and I find that reading poetry inspires me to write poems. I guess it is in the genes because my mom’s brother was also a fan of poetry. Sadly, he was killed on the World War II. He was not able to share his gift to the world. I had fond memories of my mom too. Those days when she would let me sit on her lap and read me fairy tales is something I cherished the most. I guess the love for Literature runs in our family.

Frank Sinatra and Greek music warms my soul. Old music soothes me. Aside from peculiar music I also love to volunteer. One of my stint was when I volunteer to raise funds for people suffering with Hemophilia. I love lending a hand to people in need in any way I can because with all that is happening in the world with this chronic diseases people who are affected still deserve to enjoy the life that is intended for them.

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