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Thank you, Authors’ Lounge for giving me the opportunity to bring life to my poetry which was first published in 2007. I loved reading as a child and would tell stories to friends and siblings but didn’t consider myself as a writer.  A Christmas gift I received for a year of daily devotion which concluded with a poem each day got me writing my own poems.

Hearing a hymn my mother used to sing lead me to start writing a poem about her.  I wrote about 6 verses and will continue to write till her passing. I wanted to include some of the verses in her funeral brochure but there was a cliché and the printer didn’t deliver the brochures.

The poem deals with the changes we go through when life doesn’t give us what we anticipated.  It deals with the sadness brought to children by those they love. When parents make wrong choices, the pain may stay with the children and they grow up with the pain.  The adults may settle their differences and move on, but invariably, the children may never know the true meaning behind the chaos and pretense.

Another issue that the book deals with is cultural tension that one has to deal with when one relocate to another country, and a different culture. Many people may accept you and treat you as an equal but the few that treat you like a nobody makes the struggles within you tear you up. It is not easy giving up one form of life to accept what America offers.

May be as a younger person, you may be able to adapt easily but in my case it was easy the life, the family and friends left behind in search of a better life.  Hopefully with the discussions on the Authors’ Lounge I will be able to compare my emotion of being in a different country with others who went through similar experience.

Finally, the poem deals with disappointment. People do change and some for the better whereas for some, for worse.  When you expect people you trust to act on your behalf and they don’t, it can send you into a whole new emotions of loss.  I am hoping that some of the audience on Authors’ Lounge whose eyes may have been dimmed with tears of regret, poor health, dashed dreams will wipe the tears away and see how precious life can be.  Keep on singing, dreaming or whatever you like to do.


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