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Many authors will understand the burning desire to write. It sits inside us all. Usually, it waits quietly until you’ve got home from work or taken the kids to school. However, when the time is right, it rises up and seems to consume or drive us to create.

Writing is something that comes easier to some than others. For those who have a passion for words, it is more than just a hobby or a job. It is a drive that focuses the mind and quickens the heart.

Writing has driven me for a long time.

I became self-published 13 years ago when it was a dirty word; something a failing writer might choose to do because no traditional publishing house would have them. Now, it’s a multimillion-dollar industry with wonderful opportunities to discuss and share our work, like the article you are reading now I wrote for Author’s Lounge.

Discovering Arts Therapy

A few years ago, I discovered arts therapy, and I stood in awe of what it could mean to so many people’s lives. Soon after that, the practice of mindfulness became popular, and I knew that if I could combine them both – something magical might happen.

As it turns out, mindful art therapy has been a thing for a few years, and I was only catching up. Nonetheless, I knew it was for me and I realized what it could do for others.

An Educator and Design Freak

There are so many clients one therapist can see each day, so I thought about how I might reach more people and help them become better versions of themselves.

I put my educator and graphic design hat on and created Mindful Arts Therapy Activity Books. Simple but powerful, these amazing books introduce the reader to the serenity of deep breathing and the playfulness of art therapy.

Each book has a collection of activities that range from photography, painting, sculpture and writing; all of which are designed to empower and revitalize the reader.

Building Emotional Resilience

One part of the population that needs extra support is preteens. They are especially vulnerable to developing bad habits and negative beliefs that may lead to anti-social and self-harming behaviors. While not a cure-all, mindful arts therapy can help this group develop emotional resilience and the skills that will help them navigate the tumultuous years of adolescence that lies ahead of them.

Building emotional resilience is not that difficult, but it is a long journey for many people. It requires a level of self-awareness and introspection that takes time to develop. However, once it has been developed, it can work as a shield against the negative messages our preteens are bombarded with each day. It can protect them as they begin to value their unique selves and their importance in this world.

How Does Mindful Arts Therapy Build Emotional Resilience?

Using specially designed art-based activities, Mindful Arts Therapy can promote and strengthen each preteen’s view of themselves. It builds confidence and skills that are transferable to all aspects of life. One of the benefits is that it is non-verbal. This means that my clients are not required to speak to me or tell me about their problems if they don’t want to. They can simply be present with the activity and their subconscious will do the rest.

Building Emotional Resilience, The Book

Having conducted workshops and worked alongside preteens, I decided to write a book targeted at their parents to showcase how Mindful Arts Therapy can build this much needed resilience. At the time of writing this article, the book is still in its developmental stages. It can, however, be pre-ordered at a specially discounted price here.

Where to Now?

Writing a book about Building Resilience is just the beginning for me. I am on a mission to talk to as many people as possible about its importance and my passion – empowering people with the awesomeness of art and the written word. I’m going to that through articles like these and being a guest on podcasts and in person.

Susan Day

Susan Day is an art therapist practitioner, author and artist. She has years of experience writing articles for websites and once edited a literary magazine. Susan is enthralled with the power of art and the written word to change people’s lives. You can read more about the power of art therapy on her website

If you would like to know more, I am on nearly all social media platforms. Simply search “mindfulartstherapy” or you can view my mindful arts therapy activity books here.


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