A Memorable Valentine to New York City with Wit and Charm – MY THIRTY YEARS IN NEW YORK CITY | John Joseph Strangi

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Featured Article | 2 comments

Anyone who knows and loves New York will love this book. For that matter, anyone who would like to know New York so that he or she can love it like the author will enjoy this book.

This is a valentine, plain and simple, to New York, the theatre, those who make the theatre special and persons who dream and see their dreams come true. John Strangi’s knowledge of New York and theatre is astounding. His clever and self-depreciating wit shine through in each chapter and he takes you along on the journey in a delightful and slyly seductive manner.

It was hard to put this book down once you picked it up and yet it was easy to put down and then resume because the writing and each chapter is a story in itself. I especially enjoyed the references and very human depictions of various celebrities. The author was never pretentious in his narrations and always realistic when discussing the celebrities that he crossed paths with throughout his 30 year adventure.

Do yourself a favor and join him by sharing in the fun and frolic of this fun book.



  1. Claire

    it’s like you followed my dad’s life!

    • Josiah

      Yeah. this book is quintessentially New York.


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