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A special treat, yes it was for hubby ,Mike and me to go to the city [London] a Christmas gift from me to him.

Just a one and a half hour train journey into Charing Cross station. We walked along the strand to our destination which was to be THE SAVOY HOTEL for lunch. The gift was on offer and meant that we had two lunches for the price of one, cost £100. The hotel is one of the finer joints in the city and draws folk from all over the world. We managed to spend some time people watching as we were 30 minutes early. How interesting was that.

There were many pretty young ladies with silver haired gentlemen, likely there father or uncle.

Then a sight to behold. A girl of about eighteen wearing a dress that was more off than on. There were a number of holes in the back and sides. Mind you it was only 10degrees in this horrid, cold and wet Spring we are not enjoying. It tickled us to think about how cold she must be even in the hotel which certainly was not very warm.

Obviously they need to cut back on the heating costs like us all these days,with the rising costs of fuel

Moving on we were ushered to our seats in one of the swanky booths. The restaurant known as the Savoy Grill had just undergone refurbishment and looked lush and gleaming. With rich drapes and plush carpets.

“Would Madam care for a drink?” came the question from a smiling wine waiter. “Do you have prosecco please” I said.  “Oh madam I am so sorry, but we do not, however we do have a fine champagne!!”

“ Yes please I will have one of those.” came the prompt reply.

My husband would not tell me the cost.

We were then asked if we would like a bottle of wine with our lunch. Those prices started at £40 a bottle.

I opted for a glass of dry white wine, there was no house wine so I chose a small glass of Sancerre cost £20. The menu had some choices, not a great number, but enough. And I asked for the beef Wellington and Mike had the roasted cod.

“ The beef has an additional charge of £25 madam.” I was advised by another smartly dressed and genuflecting waiter. That however, did not deter as it proved to be the best beef Wellington I have ever tasted. Mike’s roasted cod was to quote his words, ‘Out of this world.’ The Savoy hotel clearly has the best chefs in the world. The famous Gordon Ramsay to name just one employed. It’s a good job we don’t do these things often, although the food and ambience were splendid, the cost of the trip had trebled by the time it was over. You could not fault the service, the food, or the atmosphere. I looked around in the hope of catching a glimpse of a famous face or two. That was sadly not to be, perhaps next time !

Both of us cannot wait for a return visit to this famous venue, in The Strand, London, WC2R OEZ which is unlikely to happen for the next eighteen months or so, that will give us time to save enough pennies to once again sample the delights on offer.

I highly recommend a trip to this magnificent hotel as it will be an experience long remembered. You could also, if so desired spend the night. Prices starting at £640 per room per night.

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