A Hairy Mountain Monster: An Introduction to Bigfoot

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Norma Fleagane writes children’s story books about a hairy mountain monster, but do you know who the original hairy mountain monster was? Here’s an introduction to Bigfoot.

Bigfoot is known by a whole lot of other names: Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman to name a few. All these evoke perhaps a very constant image: that of a giant, hairy bipedal creature lurking in remote wilderness. In other words, Bigfoot is a hairy mountain monster.

Yet, beyond the campfire stories told during the summer and the shared grainy footage is a world of passionate believers. Groups of people tangled in a vast and complex web of theorizing and investigation. 

Ladies & gents, we’ll be talking about the Bigfoot phenomenon. We’ll be exploring some pieces of evidence, theories about government involvement, and the still ongoing search for the truth of Bigfoot.

An Introduction to Bigfoot

Looking from the outside, it can seem absurd to be so preoccupied with a supposed hairy mountain monster–and while that may be the case, the phenomenon of Bigfoot is a captivating blend of folklore, mystery, and conspiracy theories. This captivating combination of very disparate circles continues to hold our fascination. Bigfoot is not just a hairy mountain monster. It is a great example of our innate curiosity, our yearning to venture into the known and uncover a concealed realm. 

The legend of Bigfoot, a tale that spans centuries, finds echoes in various cultures with their own versions of ape-like creatures. In North America, the 1950s witnessed a surge of documented sightings, largely because of the now-famous Patterson-Gimlin film. Despite its grainy quality, the film has become a cornerstone of Bigfoot lore, igniting numerous expeditions and fostering a dedicated community of researchers.

The evidence for Bigfoot, while largely circumstantial, is plenty. Large, human-like footprints have been reported for decades, but many have been debunked as hoaxes. There have also been hair samples attributed to Bigfoot, which have sadly yielded inconclusive results, often matching known animals. In addition, growls, screams, and knocks have been recorded and attributed to Bigfoot (though they lack definitive proof of authenticity). Then, there are numerous eyewitness accounts–although the verifiability and potential for misidentification of which are significant challenges. 

The Search for Hairy Mountain Monsters

The lack of conclusive physical evidence, like bones or DNA, has been a major sticking point in several conspiracy theories. Bigfoot believers argue that governments, especially the US, are suppressing evidence to protect national security or maintain control over important scientific discoveries.

The idea of a government cover-up is a central theme in the Bigfoot conspiracy. This is because the FBI briefly investigated Bigfoot in the 1970s after receiving hair samples. However, they concluded the samples were of an unknown animal but not a large primate. Some see this limited investigation as a smokescreen to hide a more considerable ongoing effort. Bigfoot sightings often occur in national parks, leading some to believe the government wants to limit access to protect the creature. However, this theory ignores the vastness of these parks and the difficulty in effectively covering up a large, mobile creature. Some speculate the government is studying Bigfoot for potential military applications. This lacks plausibility, considering the lack of concrete evidence for Bigfoot’s existence, let alone its military usefulness.

While the wider scientific community overwhelmingly dismisses the cover-up theory, the search for Bigfoot persists, fueling the intrigue around this phenomenon. 

Bigfoot research organizations conduct expeditions using advanced technology like thermal cameras and DNA analysis. While these efforts haven’t yielded definitive proof, they demonstrate the continued intrigue within the Bigfoot community.

Whether Bigfoot is a reality or a myth, its enduring impact is evident in the tales it spawns and the communities it nurtures.

For a more lighthearted approach to the idea of a hairy mountain monster, Norma Fleagane is the author of children’s story books about mountain monsters. Her books are available in all major online bookstores.


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