A Decent Life by A.J. Creamer

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I would like to thank Authors Lounge for inviting me to share my work and literacy themes underpinning my debut novel. I hope my writing, creativity and unique writing style is of interest to readers, as I know my work is highly thought provoking and emotionally intriguing. Many thanks, Aaron.

A Decent Life by A.J. Creamer

What is your book all about?

 Love at first sight, meaning, purpose, removing corruption from our society to create fairness, justice and what ought to be? To injustice, what ought to happen?

What is A Decent Life?

We join a man lost in society as we know it. We follow and absorb his inner musings of time, fate, destiny, God and meaninglessness as his story joins another in a love at first sight encounter.

This meeting spirals into a vigilante campaign likened to the Tarantino cult classic, Natural Born Killers. Life’s lessons of self-discipline, greed and discovering the true self lead their pursuit for justice, pushing their search in removing corruption as they head toward confrontation with The Greatest Evil.

If readers are interested I explore many of these concepts through my blog, as well as my use of themes rather than writing for specific genre.  

What inspired you to write Your book?

I love writing. I absolutely love times in my life when I can sit with a coffee and write out my stories, characters, explore ideas, conduct research, cover design, editing, everything about writing I love.

The motivation to take my passion and commit to bringing it to reality occurred after the death of several people close to me. I realised how short our lives can be and the impact we can have on others. I whole heartedly believe it is far better to pursue the things you enjoy, rather than toil in pursuits you do not.

What is your Target Audience for the Book?

Interestingly I expected my audience to be males and females around 25-35, but my biggest demographic so far is women aged around 45-60. Feedback I have received from readers is strong connection to justice and punishment of those who corrupt our society. So too, the underlying love story is always popular, along with a strong female lead character.

What do you hope Readers could get out from your Book?

Enjoyment and thinking. I trigger thoughts about everyday encounters such as our relationship with time, meaning or purpose to our existence, and similar philosophical concepts. I also provoke motivation, in that, we ought to pursue whatever our talents are to the best of our ability. I hope the main thing readers get from my book is enjoyment, as well as triggering thoughts and emotions.

What are your Future Goals/Plans for the Book?

My ultimate aim would be having my literature created into film or a TV series. This story in particular would make amazing viewing, I have absolutely no doubt about that. Another goal is to publish this trilogy, with Book 2 Chaotic Whispers completed and ready for the editor, and Book 3 Order is Not Conformity currently 70 000 words deep.

I am currently stocked at local bookstores in Newcastle N.S.W. as well as Amazon. My future writing goals are far broader. I am an educator by profession, so I am building my platform and networking with my local community to give back skills in bettering young people through writing workshops.

I have a total of sixteen titles so far, all of which I aim to complete and publish. I am currently building my YouTube channel where I intend to explore different literary themes. My ultimate dream would be to have writing and associated events as my primary profession.

Tell Us About Yourself

I am a highly motivated individual and I have achieved many things with my time so far. I am a high school teacher who currently studies Philosophy through Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. I have published my first title A Decent Life, I hold a black belt in Kenpo Karate and in 2018 I became the National ADCC Brazilian Jiu Justu champion for intermediate heavy weight division. I have completed half marathons and am currently transforming my property into a permaculture garden. Prior to education, I was a qualified chef for over a decade. I have a complete bio available on my website.


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