A Bit of Homegrown Magic from Patricia Bossano

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Thank you, Author’s Lounge, for your invitation!

I’m thrilled with the opportunity to share with you about my latest release!

What is “Love & Homegrown Magic” all about?

“Love & Homegrown Magic” is a philosophical fiction that follows Maggie, from her humble beginning in a remote farmstead, through the five decades that turn her into a wife, mother, and successful entrepreneur.
Love is Maggie’s guiding force, and she knows that her choices will one day tell the story of who she is.
When a youthful Maggie—ever the planner—chooses her mind over her heart, the cosmic revelation that family comes first, bolsters Maggie’s purpose in life.
But a dash of destiny, and two loves blessed by the stars tug at Maggie’s heartstrings in a way she could never have planned for. At the onset of her golden years, she embarks on a beguiling journey of the spirit, come what may.

What inspired you to write this philosophical fiction?

Has it happened to you, that you’re listening to a song, reading a book, or watching a movie, and you get to a point where a character or the lyric says something hard-hitting, and all of a sudden, you’re convinced that the entire work was created around that single phrase? You realize the composer, author, or lyricist experienced a huge bout of inspiration in one second, and from it came a whole book, song, or movie!
That’s what happened to me with “Love & Homegrown Magic.”
One afternoon, an escalating discussion with my mom and sisters ended abruptly, probably because we cornered her. In any case, she dressed us down with “I’m 76 years old and I’ve earned the right to do whatever I want!”
It took her all of 2 seconds to end that debate, but to me, those two seconds were the seed for an entire novel.

Who are the target readers for “Love & Homegrown Magic?”

Although men have read and appreciated this book, I feel “Love & Homegrown Magic” is geared toward women who enjoy a good coming of age tale. What they will get is a blend of folk-magic practices intermingling with religious beliefs, and an exploration of relationships between women in a family, all of it, trimmed with a cosmic splash of romance.

What do you hope readers will get from it?

That our choices do tell the story of who we are! And that it’s ok to change our minds and veer from learned behaviors that no longer serve us.
If you wander into her magical garden, where thorns and perfumed blossoms coexist, I hope you will, in some way, relate to Maggie and her daughters, their struggles, and their successes, and that you’ll discover a little bit of the sisterhood in yourself.
Your signed copy of this supernatural escape awaits.

What are your future goals/plans for “Love & Homegrown Magic?”

Like many authors out there, I have a secret wish to see my stories acted out, but for some reason, “Love & Homegrown Magic” doesn’t strike me as a motion picture, rather I see it as a play—a musical. Maybe because the ladies in the book do a lot of singing…

Tell us a little more about yourself:


I am an award-winning philosophical fiction writer and supernatural escape artist. Also, I am the founder and managing editor at WaterBearer Press.
Although we tend to relocate quite often, I currently live and write in California with my family.
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