5 Spiritual Books to Check This Month

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ReadersMagnet recommends these 5 spiritual books to read during this time of world crisis.

The past few weeks have not been easy for many of us because of the pandemic that’s currently putting the world to heel. Most of us are forced to stay at home to wait out this storm. It is a sad reality that we all must endure. However, this can also be an opportune time for us to reflect and strengthen ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Here are 5 interesting reads for the soul.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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One of the classic reads that deal with spiritual guidance and enlightenment, Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now remains a significant book. First published in 1997, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment has sold over three million copies in North America alone. The book is influenced by several spiritual traditions such as Buddhism, Mysticism, a mix of Christianity, and New Age wisdom. Over the years, the book has undergone numerous editions and has been translated into more than 30 languages. The book highlights the idea of anchoring oneself into the present. The book contains various methods of meditation and relaxation, inviting readers to let go of stress and anxiety. 

Kaleidoscope by Ineda Pearl Adesanya

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Kaleidoscope: Broadening the Palette in the Art of Spiritual Direction is a unique spiritual book published in 2019. It is a compilation of literature written by spiritual directors of color. The book is edited by Adesanya. A comprehensive resource for understanding the various components of spiritual direction, Kaleidoscope provides inclusive resources and tools to readers of diverse cultures and traditions. Adesanya’s book is for the Twenty-First Century readers. It situates spiritual direction in contemporary society. Today, the need for spiritual direction is everywhere. Reverend Ineda Pearl Adesanya is an ordained American Baptist minister serving as Associate Minister of Spiritual Life for the historic Allen Temple Baptist Church.

The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

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Source: Amazon

More than a decade since it was first published, Michael A. Singer’s revolutionary book on freeing oneself from limitations and achieving inner peace remains a significant read. The book is for all levels of readers, whether you are a beginner on the quest to spiritual enlightenment or someone who wishes to enhance the acquired skills on spiritual education. The book begins by introducing readers about the relationship between thoughts and emotions, helping them uncover the source and fluctuations of their inner energy. The book then touches on habitual thoughts, emotions, and energy patterns that limit your consciousness. The Untethered Soul then provides a perfect ending for readings, opening a door to a life lived in the freedom of one’s innermost being.

Come Climb Toward God by Marianna Albritton

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Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God? is a spiritual book published in 2013. The book on how to develop a deeper relationship with God by Albritton draws largely on her many years teaching the bible to both young and old. She found God when she was still young and dedicated her life to introducing God to other people using her skills in writing. Come Climb Toward God seeks to help other people acknowledge God’s presence and to recognize Jesus as more than a historical figure, but rather as someone present today. According to Albritton, her books are mainly about “about choosing to meet God, serve Him and know in the depths of your heart that Jesus is a real person. He likes nothing as much as having fellowship with you.” 

GPS for the Spiritual Journey by Donald E. Weiner 

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Donald E. Weiner is a retired psychologist with close to 50 years of experience teaching meditations to various populations. In 2019, he published a guide book that would help readers find a way of customizing their spiritual journeys regardless of one’s belief system. The book is based on a series of adult spiritual formation classes presented at All Saints Episcopal Church and at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Corpus Christi, Texas. Weiner believes that spiritual transformation is a non-linear process, and we can utilize tools developed by different traditions over centuries for discovering the unique wisdom that can only emerge through each of us.


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