5 Interesting Books on Spiritual Healing

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There are not many published books on spirituality and spiritual healing recently. ReadersMagnet recommends these 5 interesting works on spiritual healing.

Spiritual Healing 101 by Sarah R. Burns

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As the title suggests, Spiritual Healing 101: The Little Healing Book, provides a general overview of spiritual healing and “what is going on with all this healing and psychic business.” Sarah R. Burns is a third-generation healer. Her experience as a professional coach and spiritual healing has helped a lot of people for decades. Spiritual Healing 101 explains to readers the basic jargon and philosophy that governs spiritual healing as well as spiritual healers and practitioners. A basic guide to spiritual healing, Spiritual Healing comes in handy for those who want to practice spiritual healing. 

Healing by His Spirit by Geraldine D. Bryant

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Healing by His Spirit is Geraldine D. Bryant talks about the pain and physical abuse she suffered when she was a young girl. This nonfiction narrative spans forty years, detailing a chain of events that Bryant encountered. Healing by His Spirit documents not only her suffering but also the struggles and moments of doubts and restlessness. Above all, this compelling work is filled with inspiration and lessons. The book reminds us of the importance of faith, trust, and forgiveness.

Healing and Transformation by Dr. Eric Alsterberg

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Healing and Transformation: Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary focuses on healing one’s emotional wounds and traumas. Through anecdotes, stories, and references, Dr. Eric Alsterberg provides readers wonderful insights into the art of spiritual healing. This revolutionary how-to-manual will inspire readers to understand more about God’s presence in our lives and how communicates to each of us. More importantly, Dr. Alsterberg’s Healing and Transformation seeks to help readers better their relationship with themselves, their loved ones, their communities, and the nation and the world. Dr. Alsterberg’s years of experience as a spiritual healer, psychologist, and certified hypnotherapist make him an authority in the subject of spiritual healing and transformation. He is a member of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (the Edgar Cayce Foundation), the Astara Mystery School, and the Reconnection, Eric Pearl healing technologies. 

The Healing Light by Agnes Sanford

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Anges Mary White Sanford is considered to be one of the principal founders of the Inner healing Movement. The Healing Light is Sanford’s first book. 

First published in 1947, The Healing Light sold more than half a million copies. The book features Sanford’s experiences with the healing power of God. In her book, Sanford compares God’s power to that of the electricity- “that only the amount of it that flows through…will work.” Agnes Sanford also believes that the love of God manifests in various ways. Agnes Sanford died in 1982. Her book The Healing Light is considered a classic material on spiritual healing. 

 You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay

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Published in 1984 and written when Louise L. Hay was already 60 years old, You Can Heal Your Life sold more than 35 million copies and is translated in over 30 languages. It is one of the best-selling spiritual books of all time. Hay’s main discussion in this book is the idea that because the mind and body are connected, most of our diseases are rooted in the emotional and spiritual aspects of the mind, its beliefs, and thought processes involved. One of the interesting features of the book is that at the end part. There, a separate section displays a list of numerous illnesses along with the various emotional thought patterns that the author believes to be the cause. Hay is the author of another best-selling book Heal Your Body, also published in 1984.


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