Annyeong! The 2024 International Book Fair in Seoul is Here!

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Books will always have a place in human life. As the world eagerly awaits the return of another book fair in Seoul, let’s gear up for another remarkable experience.

Seoul, South Korea – a captivating city brimming with history of culture and the arts. With its reputation as a global hub of innovation and artistry, Seoul exudes an irresistible allure for those who want to explore literary masterpieces. And if you’re an author aspiring to take your book to an international stage, look no further than this book fair in Seoul!

Prepare yourselves as ReadersMagnet takes you on another journey in one of our exciting Asian book tours. Don’s miss out on one of Asia’s biggest book festivals on June 26 – 30, 2024. See you around as ReadersMagnet brings you the best books in the heart of South Korea!

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The Birth of a New Literary Era

What is it about SIBF that holds a special meaning to the book community as a whole? How did this magnificent book fair in Seoul came to be?

For nearly 70 years, the Seoul International Book Fair (SIBF) has been Korea’s biggest book festival. It successfully connected people across the globe, with the purpose of sharing knowledge and information. Before it reached the global audience, this book fair in Seoul was initially a national event only. Since then, it’s expanded into an international level, promoting Korean books to other countries and vice versa.

As South Korea continues to witness a shift in cultural, artistic, and academic growth, this book fair in Seoul paved itself among Asia’s best-known book fairs.

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Why You Should Check out the 2024 Book Fair in Seoul

Moving forward for this year, the highly anticipated Seoul International Book Fair 2024, this promising metropolis continues to bring in the best experience for everyone. Furthermore, the timeline of events will be summarized here below, so you can get a gist of what would happen in the days to come.

Event Program, Exhibition, Lectures, Cultural Talks, And Mini Events

The SIBF proudly boasts its array of programs that span the entirety of the festival. A theme lecture will be given; in which everyone takes a step back as we all look to the future. Attendees will also get the chance to have a copy of the Limited Edition ‘Houyhnhnm’ which consists of the participating writers and illustrators. This once in a lifetime chance is something no one should forget!

But we’re not done yet! A series of Special Programs like the Drawing of the Summer is back on its third year for attendees who want to explore their creativity. The SIBF welcomes artistic individuals who want to boost their talent to a bigger audience.

Other exciting programs for this book fair in Seoul are as follows:

Theme Exhibition

A range of books from renowned authors across the nation and worldwide will be displayed. This draws a map for the festival to reach the desired world where people will know more literary masterpieces. Boasting 400 curated books, this exhibit invites you to another world. Discover and contemplate the “misery of the world” as you fulfill your “future happiness.”

Best Book of Korea

The “Best Book of Korea” (BBK) is an award category granted to Korean books with outstanding originality, aesthetics, and distinctiveness. Additionally, the criteria will be subjective, so the results are guaranteed to vary.

The Bride’s Stories Special Exhibition

The SIBF welcomes renowned manga artist Mori Kaoru will make her first appearance on this event. “The Bride’s Stories”, one of her beloved works, will be on display as well. Grab the opportunity to also see her live drawing show and fan signing event during the SIBF.

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Where Can You Find ReadersMagnet in SIBF?

ReadersMagnet is immensely honored to be part of another leading Asian book fair. Our noble pursuit in bringing stories to the world continues, even to the shores of Seoul. With ReadersMagnet as a Self-Publishing company, we once again, take our authors to a grand book event.

You can find us inside the COEX Halls C&D1 at the Korea Exhibition Center. Look for booth number A29 where ReadersMagnet will be stationed for the entire SIBF.

Take Your Heart and Soul into The City of Seoul with ReadersMagnet!

Books, wherever they are, will always be an integral part of everyday life. This book fair in Seoul stands as a symbol of people continually reading books. It illustrates a life where access to books becomes easier, broadening people’s perspective of the world.

Don’t forget to register now for the 2024 Seoul International Book Fair! Visit their website to secure your tickets and start planning an unforgettable experience today! You can also call us at 1-800-805-0762, or send an email to [email protected].

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