You Need Both Together: Creating an Asian-Inspired Room

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Asian home designs have become more famous throughout the years. Most of the time, its chic yet minimalistic look allows rooms to exude elegance while being a completely livable space. Because of that, the demand for Asian-Inspired interiors has skyrocketed. Here are some elements to look out for when creating an Asian-inspired room:

1. Water

If you have a wide outdoor space, you may want to add something related to water: a small koi pond, an aquarium, a fountain, or any water feature. Water often gives the room a sense of simplicity and a harmonious vibe. Moreover, adding a body of moving water usually gives people a feeling of calm when entering the space.

2. Wallpaper

The perfect wall color with a striking design or theme often makes a room more appealing. Asian rooms are known for their detail and the colors of nature. Hence, picking the right wall color with an earthy tone or a scenic landscape with natural colors will often transform a room into one that looks exotic. Common colors to choose from would be white, cream, blues, and gray.

3. Carpet

Carpets and rugs always elevate a room. Often, these types of carpets must compliment the walls. Most of the time, rooms with plain walls have a printed carpet with a unique design that grabs the attention of people entering the room. If you are interested, Carpet Installation in Ham Lake, Minnesota, may help you put your desired carpet in place. Remember, there is no use for a pretty carpet if it moves around or is placed haphazardly.

4. Pop of Color

 A pop of vibrant colors here and there would make a room stand out and give it some flair and attitude. It is a common misconception that only earthy tones should be in an Asian-inspired room. A small piece of furniture, some curtains, or bedsheets with a pop of color give some edge to your room. Common colors include red and purple.

5. Balance

One of the most important things to remember when designing an Asian-inspired home is finding the perfect balance. Balance is the defining aspect of an Asian theme. This may be hard to grasp for many, but it involves finding the right harmony between colors and the different textures of the things around you. Avoid overpowering things. Instead of having brick and rough concrete on the wall, adding glass or bamboo will give the room smoother and more organic textures for balance.

6. Suitable Design

One thing that people love about Asian homes is that the items are helpful and have some purpose. Examples include a center table with a mini-fridge and a lantern that doubles as an LED light if the power goes out. However, make sure that the design would still be appropriate to the room. Make sure to add more furniture that many uses, like tables and chairs, instead of adding paintings or things simply for the design.

7. Plants and rocks

Organic design with plants often gives the room a peaceful vibe that is more natural. Live plants by a window or tiny plants on shelves give the place a little life, literally. It is also great for clearing the air in the room, depending on the type of plant you choose. Stones or marble often give the room an earthy feel.

8. Paper Lanterns and Candles

Paper lanterns as a source of light usually break the look of an interior and give it the perfect Asian feel. Usually, a few candles are a timeless decor addition to give it a homey feel. Usually, this gives the room a homey but elegant feel that perfectly accentuates the Asian-inspired home.

9. Fragrance

Tickle other senses by putting some great scents in the room. Usually, this can define the room with scents that you will love. Picking a fragrance that fits the room and fits your interests can give a room a new aesthetic. Most of all, fragrance contributes to the aroma of the room. If you do not like perfume, you may try some incense like sandalwood.

10. Minimalism

Minimalism is a Japanese-inspired look that does not add too many patterns, colors, or furniture to a room. This means not adding things that would overpower the room too much and avoiding clutter. Furniture with sleek designs and simple colors will give the room a clean feel.

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