Yoga Poems, Songs of Asana: Adho Mukha Savanasana – Downward Dog

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 Following Yoga Philosophy means to create a union between the conscious and the unconscious; to unite the spiritual body and its dimensions with the material body and its layers to create perfect harmony. I wrote poems, describing major Asana of Hatha Yoga. The poems will allow you to reflect on its meaning, thus deepening your practice and it will enable you to appreciate the ancient wisdom behind each Asana.

Downward Dog

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The Poem:

Best friend of men; pleasant to look upon, delightful creature

Best Friend of men; faithful companion and my secrets keeper

Best friend of men; stretching your limbs in a flow of nature

Best friend of men; you guard my house, where I leave my treasures

Best friend of men; I can count on you to protect me from danger

Best friend of men; you play dead when I need peace and quiet

Best friend of men; if you could talk, you would make them understand

Best friend of men; but you rather just turn your face unto the ground

Best friend of men; your meekness humbles my soul

Posture Asana Downward Dog Poem illustration


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