Wrong Girl Gone by Audrey Wilson

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Wrong Girl Gone is a domestic suspense thriller that’s being called, “Well-crafted, gut-clenching, heart-racing suspense.” (Avanti Centrae, Bestselling Author) The book tells the story of Joy Elliot Larson, a young mother living in Mississippi in 1989, who finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship with her husband. When she stumbles upon thousands of dollars that her husband has been keeping from her, she finds the courage to pack up her five-year-old son and leave him. But they’re not alone. Someone is hot on their trail. And it’s only a matter of time before Joy will have to fight for her son… and her life.

The idea for Wrong Girl Gone came to me when I was 17 years old, shopping with my mother in Home Depot. Ever the writer, I grabbed the nearest thing I could find to capture my idea (which happened to be a job application) and scribbled down an outline. That was the birth of what I’m proud to call my debut thriller. And since that fateful day in Home Depot, 13 years ago when Joy was born, she has grown with me. She’s evolved, not just as a character, but as a representation of women everywhere who have experienced domestic abuse. 

When Dreaming Big Publications made their offer to publish Wrong Girl Gone, I was elated. Not just because my first book was going to be published, but because of everything they stood for. As a small press that’s owned and operated by a social worker, their mission is to publish books that make a difference. It was so refreshing to find a home for my book with people who truly understood the heart of Joy’s story. 

For me, fiction and films have always been so much more than entertainment. When someone connects with a character or story on a deeper level, a lasting impression is made, perhaps even one that will stay with them for years to come. While Wrong Girl Gone is a suspense thriller along the lines of Sleeping with the Enemy and The Girl on the Train that will appeal primarily to women, at its roots is the story of a young woman’s journey out of an abusive relationship. My hope is that anyone in a similar situation may connect with Joy and, through her, find the strength and courage they need to seek help. 

As a writer, there is hardly a better feeling than seeing your work published. I hope other writers out there who may at one point or another doubt themselves, (as us writers so often do) know that no matter how difficult the journey may be, never give up on what you love doing. Never give up on telling that story. And once you do, never give up on sharing your work with the world, which is why I’m very grateful to Authors’ Lounge for the opportunity to spread the word about Wrong Girl Gone in their quest to help aspiring authors.

In addition to Wrong Girl Gone, I’ve completed two additional novels that I’m currently seeking representation and publication for, and I’m continuing to work on my next book. As a writer of screenplays in addition to fiction, I would love the opportunity to adapt Joy’s story into a film. Producers who are interested are welcome to contact my managers, Amanda Hendon and Martha Sanchez at Aligned Talent Group. For more information on my upcoming projects, visit www.AudreyWilsonAuthor.com and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @dreamerbyday91. Click here to purchase your copy of Wrong Girl Gone in print or digital. Thank you for your support!


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