Why We Must Open Our Minds To Erotica

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The hand wrapped around my throat, and fear enveloped my body. The hand wrapped around my throat and caressed me gently.

Welcome to the mind of the writer. This is a place where anything can happen, were imagination meets the places that exist only in the most fantastic of dreams.

Metamorphosis, or IT, or The Confessions of a Justified Sinner. Authors throughout time have allowed their minds to open up to possibility. Without this creative process our society would be devoid of the greatest works of literature and a poorer place for it.

Yet, in the 21st century we are still afraid to commit to parchment some things that inhabit our minds and our dreams. Why does erotica make people cringe?

We devour books about heinous murders, and unscrupulous businesses people, and war and destruction, and yet ‘Used by the Alpha’ still troubles the censors.

‘Used by the Alpha’. Yes, my latest short story about a bored housewife who finds cuckold pornography on her husband’s phone. She confronts him and discovers that being cuckolded is his darkest fantasy. Together, they agree to bring this fantasy to life in order to save their marriage but also to fulfill their sexual needs that have gone unspoken for so long.

Writing erotica quiets the parts of my mind that scream to be heard. It allows me to express an important part of who I am. I hope also it allows others to enjoy erotic fantasy that they perhaps will never have the courage or opportunity to bring to life. This is a good thing. It is not a bad thing.

Free speech is being eroded daily in the places where it existed on our planet. If you look at a free speech map of earth more of it is censored than open. This should deeply trouble all of us. Yes, there are some things that should not be tolerated in an educated society. There are lines that we should not cross. Yes, there is a need for review of literature and other free speech channels to ensure rights are upheld and monstrous ideas are kept in check, but our default position should always be publish, rather than burn.

There is a vibrant and lovely community of authors writing erotica. Many of them are hugely talented and producing crisp writing of depth and meaning. Others are producing crisp writing of the wham bam variety and that is OK too. We all have different interests and needs and erotica allows those to be fulfilled. Places like Readers Magnet must be applauded for encouraging open discussion and debate of all genres.

I hope you will have the courage to read my short stories and perhaps enjoy them. If not, then you tried. A bit like eating your greens.

Loz Felix

Reach me at @lozfelix on Twitter or [email protected]

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