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A few questions were asked of me the other day as to what prompted me to become an author, what to say to new upcoming authors and how do you keep yourself on track. How do you get through writers block? These answers are going to help you in your journeys as new authors.

To be honest I never fathomed I would become an author because I did not have good grades until I went to college and obtained my Bachelors and Masters Degree. In my real job, I was a Psychiatric technician. A Psychiatric advocates for people who cannot advocate for themselves.

Due to a rather bad back injury I had to medically retire at age 55 so, I knew I had to fall back on something. I obtained my teaching Credential in vocational education, Career and Technical education and computer technology. I taught free in 2000 to show what I had to bring to the table. It worked and I was hired. I taught for 6 years then it became too painful to stand and deliver and I was so irresponsible with my notes. I would come home set them somewhere and they would disappear. I then decided all my notes would go in one place. A book. No one ever loses their books and I added 5 pages of notebook paper to the back of each chapter. The more the book is open the more information is stored in your brain. I was teaching Pharmacology, which is extremely hard and responsible for 95% of all dropouts in medical programs.

My idea was if traditional learning does not work why not think out of the box and make it fun. Therefore, my first book was FUN WITH PHARMACOLOGY- PHARMACOLOGY MADE SIMPLE.  I incorporated games, crossword puzzles and word searches.  Then in 2006, I republished adding 20 more chapters. One for each body system and all the medication that goes with that system. That book is still going strong.

Why did I write my current book?  Look around this world is full of hate and bullying. If you are different, you are bullied. Every newscast has one form of bullying or another. There is cyber bullying, text bullying, hate, hate, hate wherever you go now. I believe America is in its own holocaust. I am tired of reading in the news or seeing in social media that another child saw no way out from bullying and committed suicide.

Statistics from the 70s are 150 kids a year killed themselves from bullying. In 2006, statistics are 6000 kids a year committed suicide from being bullied and authorities thought that was shameful. Now we are up to 25,000 kind a year. THAT IS SHAMEFUL.  In high school, the bullying is relentless. Parents need to do a better job of raising their children. Teach them the difference between right and wrong, above all respect for each other, and respect for all adults.

It took me 4 years to complete this book. It seemed like a 4-year good deal of pain as well that sent me to counseling. I did not know much about the holocaust and had to view film footage from WWII. That was hard to look at. My mentor for the book was the Rabbi from my job and he helped me a lot but died halfway through the project so I had to find another clergy to be my spiritual guide.

            My book is comparing nazi’s behavior what is going on today and it is the same. Yes, history is repeating itself.

            How did I actually write the book?  Every time I sat down to type I prayed and asked him to put what he wanted to put. This is his masterpiece. I am the messenger.

            To write a book, one must have discipline. Things I have found useful with all 4 of my books is to gather your thoughts on paper hand written, then out of that formulate an outline of what you want to cover in your book by chapter and put a date for when you want that chapter finished and stick to it. That is the hardest part…discipline. Be patient with yourself because you will have writers block I promise. Everyone goes through dry periods where the words just will not come out.

How do you escape writers block? Research. That is what I do but that does not mean you have to do it. Everyone finds his or her own style of writing and research I just wanted to share mine with you.             

To summarize, this book ReadersMagnet have been a blessing to me. I strongly recommend them to anyone. 


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