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Writing a tale about two sisters is often a common trope, but what makes Why by Marvin V. Blake different is that he puts a huge twist on the sister’s entangled tales.

Marvin V. Blake’s Why is a story of two sisters, one black and one white. It takes readers to an exquisitely written tale they won’t put down the book. Today, we’ll be getting into the details of the book in this feature. We’ll be discussing other aspects of it as well. So join us as we dive deep into Marvin’s book and the story inside its pages.

Let’s start by examining what the book is all about.

What is Why All About?

Why is an epic tale set between 1838 and 1863 that follows the lives of two sisters — one white and the other black — born on Virginia’s opulent Rosewood Plantation in 1847, three days apart.

The master and mistress of Rosewood, among the wealthiest cotton estates in the state of Virginia, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Billings, are the parents of the white sister. On the other hand, the black girl was conceived when Henry Billings and copulated with an enslaved Black woman.

The sisters are compelled to follow the strict rules and laws that divide whites and blacks. This is in spite of growing up side by side in the slave-holding antebellum South. One of the sisters grew up as a slave and the other as her mistress, sharing numerous childhood experiences.

What Was the Catalyst That Drove the Story?

The plantation’s master and mistress, Henry and Margaret Billings, engage Miss Eleanor Leary, a recent college grad and young progressive Irish immigrant, to instruct their kids, Rebecca and her brother Jesse.

Eleanor decides to include the black slave girl Mandy in their lessons at Rebecca’s request, despite her concern that she will violate the laws that forbid teachers from educating slaves to read and write. Why revolves around the story of two sisters, one black and one white, and their struggle for freedom and acceptance.

Mandy now has access to an entirely new universe. Through the white teacher’s lessons and eyes, Mandy progressively sheds her pernicious, lifelong emotions of racial inferiority and self-loathing.

Developing feelings of racial pride and individual self-esteem are now replacing feelings and presumptions Mandy had accepted and harbored from infancy.

What Message Does the Book What to Deliver?

Why is a genuinely great book that may prompt you to ponder “why?” with the eyes of Black Americans during a chaotic time. Marvin Blake undoubtedly had a message for his readers. The message is that no matter our skin color, we are all humans of the same race. We should view ourselves and others as equals, and treat everyone with love and respect.

Marvin conveyed it in this book in such a stunningly aesthetic way. This story serves as both a pleasant diversion and a piece of art that provides a voice to people who were silenced during slavery. The book exposes viewers to the reality that, despite the abolition of slavery in our period, racism and brutality persist in the most horrific forms to this day.

This book is difficult to put down because of the intriguing story twists and well-developed characters. The tale, supported by history, will be simple for readers to follow.

Read Why by Marvin V. Blake Today

If you’re looking for historical fiction rooted in sibling companionship and standing up against racism, then Why is a book you certainly must pick up. Grab a copy of the book by clicking here, and start reading this story of two sisters, one black and one white, today.

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