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You met Gleeson and Cormac

The main characters in my first book, The Adventures of Gleeson and Cormac “Why Do People Cry?”. Building on my experiences writing my first book, I saw an opportunity to explore the subject of bullying, closely related with crying experiences.

Follow them now along with their new friend, Rachel, in my second book The Adventures of Gleeson and Cormac “Why Are People Bullied?” published in 2016. Thanks to Authors’ Lounge I have a great opportunity to introduce my second book.

The three curious frogs continue to explore their park, using modern technology to learn new things. They helped me tell this story which explains the difference between Teasing and Bullying.

Using their iPhones, they found out that Teasing can be joking or fun but when the remarks become hurtful and make the person upset or angry or scared, it becomes Bullying. Bullying is a problem! It is found in neighborhoods, schools, shopping centers, parks and makes headlines in newspapers and magazines.

What do you tell your children? What should they do? What should you do? Read on!!

During my many years of nursing I worked with many families and observed the hurtful effects of bullying. This book contains important lessons so children can learn how to deal with bullying in a constructive, non-threatening manner.

By explaining that “Just One Person Can Make a Difference” (pg.23), parents, grandparents, other family members, teachers and anyone who works with children have tools to start a conversation on the topic of bullying. What can be done?

Who Am I??

I was born in Kansas City, MO. My grandparents were Irish immigrants who settled in St. Joseph, MO. I moved with my family to Phoenix, AZ as a teenager, where I graduated from Xavier High School and fulfilled my dream of being a nurse when I graduated from St. Joseph’s Hospital School of Nursing. I worked for Indian Health Service in Gallup, NM for 21 years, followed by more years of nursing in different areas of health care.

I was honored with various nursing excellence awards during those years, my favorite being chosen by my staff as the “Rise and Shine Star” of the month. I collaborated with medical staff in publishing a Growth and Development manual for the Pediatric department for parents. While working in Indian Health Service, I assisted a nurse practitioner in writing a diabetes manual for Native Americans. What a wonderful experience! I am now retired and live in Albuquerque, NM.

I learned so much during my nursing career about people and reactions to events around them that I realized I could continue to “Give Back” after my formal years in nursing, ended. This led me to write a second book, building on my first one, using the same format designed for children, ages 3-7, a vulnerable development period, which could be of benefit to families.

My goal is to help reduce fear, confusion and uncertainty, which occurs all around us in everyday life. This book talks about the effects of bullying and can be used as a guide for having discussions with children. Authors’ Lounge gives me the opportunity to showcase my work.

In 2018 I was pleasantly surprised when The Adventures of Gleeson and Cormac “Why Are People Bullied?” was also awarded a Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review. In addition, my second book was chosen as a 2018 Notable 100 Book, honored in Shelf Unbound Book Competition.

Both of my books have been accepted into the 2019 LA Times Festival of Books April 13-14 on the campus of USC, showcasing over 500 authors from around the world.

What else do I do? I am a volunteer and President of the Board of Directors with a non-profit social services agency. The agency provides behavioral health counseling for families and children, resources and workshops for the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program and conducts job assessments and provides counseling for disabled individuals through our career and jobs program.

Mediation services and training and Alternatives to Violence workshops through the county juvenile justice department are also offered. Since 1970 I have been a member of P.E.O., a philanthropic educational organization. There are chapters throughout the United States and in Canada providing scholarships for women who are seeking college or vocational school degrees or certificates. I also spearhead fundraisers for local community needs, and for fun, I am working on a Family Album through Ancestry.com. I am a sports enthusiast (especially football), avid reader, love gardening and travel.

You can learn more about Gleeson and Cormac and Molly O’Rourke at amazon.com/mollyorourke and LinkedIn. Plans for a third Adventure book are in the development stage and should be ready for publication in 2020. Thanks, Authors’ Lounge!



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