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Greetings Author’s Lounge:  When our children were teenagers, in the 1980s I remember one night I was in a deep time of prayer. I heard myself say, “Father, when my children have children, please bless me with all grandsons, so we could raise up a generation of men that would know how to treat women.” I thought where did this come from? I put it on the shelf with all my other thoughts and dreams. My Father, did not forget my request, even though, I had.

We now have 4 handsome grandsons and now a granddaughter.   It was through their conception and their lives that I was inspired to write this book. Three of our grandsons were conceived out of wedlock….God has a plan.  One of our sons fathered our first born grandson. It was through this, I saw how the rejection of a father for the mother would affect an unborn child.  Then, our daughter got pregnant out of wedlock with our second grandson. I saw this rejection again, from a different perspective….the mother of the child being rejected by the father. I prayed, God how could this be?  When these children were born there were some emotions in them that I felt was not natural for a child.

As I sought the Lord for this, I heard in my spirit, “Rejection”. I asked the Father, how can a baby suffer from rejection when he is loved so much? Author’s Lounge:  I heard in my spirit, “the feeling of rejection felt by the mother is transferred to the child.”  Through much prayer and the love shown to them, and seeing our grandsons maturing into mighty young men, this book was birthed.   This book is for every single Mom that desires godly sons & daughters, with God being her Husband and the Father of her children, (Psalms 68:4-6). This book is also for every married Mom whose husband is not imparting to her children. God says, “Let me be your Husband and the Father of your children, (Isaiah 54:4-5)”

It is also dedicated to every father to assist you in teaching your sons and daughters.  Thank you Author’s Lounge for being a resource to bring insight to single mothers as they read, listen, study, pray and make declarations from this Book. Let it be a guide as you walk with your children through life. Some declarations have been given, feel free to declare more scriptures, (after the dots at the end of each declaration), over your children. Can you see God every day in these Proverbs?  

God Bless the Hearers, Readers and Doers of this Book!   Gloria A. Mack To Purchase: www.Amazon.com


  1. Vivian Eichelberget

    Gloria, Thank you for your much needed contribution.

  2. Miya

    I love the book’s message about leaning unto God but at the same time, they emphasize how parents also play a significant role in raising and teaching their children how to treat people right.

    • Melissa

      I agree! Other books under the same concept would have strictly relied on religion in hopes that their children grow up as decent people.

  3. Sheska

    this is a must-read for all single moms out there.

    • rebecca

      This single father thinks every single parent should. it’s wonderful.


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