What Men Want in A Woman by Dalton Smith

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The book ” What Men Want in a Woman” is all about describing in detail what us men really want in a woman. Many women have misconceptions about what we really want in a woman. Some women, actually see us doing something and they instantly associate it with something bad that has happened to them in the past. They are then afraid we will do that same thing to them like their ex did to them.

What inspired me to write this book?

My parents always taught me to treat women with respect. Because of that growing up I was Mr Nice guy.Growing up I would see a lot of girls being played and hurt by men. Most of these women were with bad guys. Back then many women believed they needed to be with a bad guy/bad boy who would treat them bad. That would hurt me when I would see women being played or being hurt emotionally or beaten by their man.

Many girls I lost out on in the past because of something they thought they saw, something they thought I was going to do, something I never said, or they thought I was keeping a secret from them, some of them mistaken me for being a player. That stigma overshadowed me too even though i was a nice guy. Because of that i always had to prove myself with women.Meeting someone for the first time I understand it can be awkward for women and men. This is the main reason I wrote the book. I feel if they had read the book beforehand it would have greatly improved their chances with a new guy.
My target audience for the book is women between 18 and 50. Basically single women who are desperately seeking their significant other to settle down and get married , but are a bit too cautious and nervous. Once they read the book they will understand what we want and what we are not and that will be able to help them to be less tense and be able to open up more and relax when they are in the company of a man.

What do I hope readers get out of this book? My hope is they learn something about guys that they did not know and they are able to use what they have learned to get with the guy of dreams. When you are educated about something ahead of time you will always perform better than if you were not educated on a subject, so that is the hope I have for readers.

What goals do I have for this book?

My goal for this book is to do 4 things,

  1. Help all those women who feel they need to begin with a bad guy that they actually do not.
  2. I want to teach women why a man does certain things so they can differentiate between nice guys and bad guys in the beginning. Many women see a guy doing something and then they instantly make a decision based on what they saw a guy doing, 99% of the time they make the wrong decision about a guy.
  3. To inform women that there is nothing wrong to be with nice guys and that nice guys actually finish last. I’m a nice guy and I been married to my wife for for than 20 years.
  4. To help single guys get the woman they want by telling women what men actually want. This way there’s no guesswork for the woman and she will know what the guy wants and they will both be happy and in a loving relationship.

I have been happily married for many years but, I like to give back and want to help out wherever I can I just did not want to see anymore women being played by men and hate to see women break up with men for the wrong reason or some misunderstanding. Even though I’m happily married whenever I would hear some tragic stories about women it would actually hurt me. So I had to do something. This book “What Men Want in a Woman” will help any woman understand men and get with the man they want.


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