WHAT IS PRAYER? By Betsy Fritcha

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WHAT IS PRAYER?                                                   

I hear people from all walks of life in all kinds of situations and in news announcements say, “I’ll pray for you.  Just know I’ll be praying for you.  We all need to pray for them during this time. Just know prayers are being said for you. Just know we join the many people praying for you.”

So, what does this mean?  Are those who say this really sincere or just babbling a cliché to make themselves feel better because they cannot control the painful situation they see others experiencing nor do they have any answers for those in painful life situations.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is prayer? Who am I asking for help in my dire situation?  How do I make requests? How do I know anyone cares or is listening to me? Can I hope someone is listening who has answers to what I am asking?

These are life-impelling questions that everyone asks at one time or another. Consider that thoughts and desires are prayers. Every person has deep within them desires that they long to be fulfilled. There is an insatiable desire in each of us to know someone hears the slightest cry of our heart and has the answer to fulfill the yearning cry in our heart. There are times that what is in our heart cannot be expressed in words. So we silently cry, or sigh, or groan and gasp uttering sounds that seem silent and not really heard by anyone.

I have had these inner longings many times in my life. As I expressed my pain in these ways, it was as if a quiet Peace and Knowing flooded my entire being. Suddenly, I knew everything was going to be alright.  How did I know this?

I pose a question to you.  Suppose there was a Good God who heard your heart cry and had the answers you needed for Peace and assurance that you were loved and so everything would be alright with you and your situation?  Would you believe this?  Would you choose to search finding this Good God?

I found my own personal answers in pursuing what was in my heart to know by asking questions. Was there a Good God?  Could I know that he heard me and had the answers for what seemed to have no answers?  What if he does hear me? Would I believe he had the answers for me and my situation? Could I trust what I could not see, yet felt was true in my heart, which was someone does hear me?

I can only tell you how I found my personal answers. I chose to reach out and suppose and even pretend there was a Good God who heard my heart cry and had answers to the questions in my heart that seemed to have no answers for what I was facing.

As I acted as though there is Good God and “make-believed” that he heard me, I began to truly believe this. Deeper and deeper inside me I just knew that I knew there is a GOOD God and he heard me even when the answers I wanted were not answered as I wanted them to be. Somehow, I just kept on making believe that I was being heard by a Good God. I would not quit. I would not give up asking this Good God for what I wanted or needed. Then, something would happen that answered my need in a way I never expected that was far better than what I asked. WOW I thought!  I am heard!  Could there truly be a Good God who was listening to me?  As more and more of my prayers or thoughts and desires in my heart were answered, I truly believed there was someone who really heard me, and loved me, and cared about me enough to send me what I wanted or needed in a way that was good for me.

Prayer was now not just a cliché from what I kept hearing people say. Prayer became to me a word that meant there is a GOOD God who hears every heart cry people have in their hearts.

As I grew into adulthood, I learned that this Good God could be known by the Words He wrote in a Book, called The Holy Bible. I bought one, and I have never been the same. I found in this Book more and more answers to my searching questions that I thought had no answers. 

I would ask you to consider buying this Book to find answers that you are asking that seem to you to have no answers.  Just be sure you don’t have to have your questions answered in the way you want them to be answered before you trust yourself to believe that there is a Good God. I discovered in this Book that there is a Good God and he has way better answers that any of us could ever hope to ask.  Good journey my friend.

Betsy Fritcha




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