Wall Street After-Dark | Book Feature: Quinn’s Dilemma

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Quinn’s Dilemma is a stirring political thriller from Bruce N. Ball that takes a darker look at the seedy underbelly of American labor. Can Wall Street keep itself safe?

From the pen of Bruce N. Ball comes Quinn’s Dilemma, a complex and compelling political drama that is as full of twists and turns as Capitol Hill itself. It is an insightful and intelligent portrayal of the tensions between labor and the government, and caught between everything is Parker Quinn, a small-time Wall Street investor just looking to cruise through life.

While everyone believes working on Wall Street to be an easy gig, it’s nothing but. It’s fast-paced, labyrinthine and exhausting. For Parker Quinn, working at Wall Street is a lot like trudging through a hailstorm. No matter how you try to avoid things, you’ll still get hit. And if you’re lucky, it’ll only be the face.

Tired of the intrigue and looking for a new lot in life, Parker Quinn accepts what seems to be a smooth and cushy offer. This soon quickly turns into a dangerous and deadly situation, where Quinn must now learn how to navigate eggshells and land on his feet.

That’s because his new job, unfortunately, involves doing the numbers on the pension funds of one Renato Costa, a ruthless and cruel union boss reigning over an organization with forty-thousand members and who’s comfortably in bed with the mob. Sadly for Quinn, he soon discovers that his new client has a penchant for petty revenge and power grabs.

Following Renato Costa’s shadow is Kevin Norris, a federal prosecutor who’s made it his life’s work to get the union boss behind bars. And when tensions between the union and the government flare up, a war is looming over the horizon that threatens to consume the whole country, with little Parker Quinn caught in between.

What is a small-time investor going to do? Can he avoid being collateral in this dangerous game? Will he find enough friends to help get out of the pit he’s dug himself in?

Book Feature: Quinn’s Dilemma

The great thing about Quinn’s Dilemma is that author Bruce N. Ball knows how to keep his readers engaged from the first page to the last. He ends every scene with just enough of a hook that you need to know what happens next and what Parker Quinn is going to have to do. 

The plot is paced enough that nothing feels clunky, unnecessary, and lacking, while the characters, especially Quinn, Renato Costa, and Kevin Norris, have well-developed personalities that none of their actions seem contrived and forced. While they are not necessarily relatable, surface-wise, their motivations and their considerations are. 

Bruce N. Ball brilliantly paints the atmosphere of Quinn’s Dilemma with suspense and intrigue that you are always kept guessing. Of course, he leaves clues here and there, but with all the excitement going on, you’d be hard-pressed to really connect two and two together!

Quinn’s Dilemma is a masterwork of political intrigue, much like a seasoned journalist writes a scoop. The complexity of the politics portrayed in the novel is broken down in a way that most readers will find accessible and understandable. While there are embellishments in the plot and some flourishes, Bruce N. Ball offers a unique and thought-provoking perspective on the relationship between labor and the government. Woven in this overarching theme are studies on loyalty, betrayal, and the great lengths people will go to protect their interests.

Wall Street After-Dark 

Quinn’s Dilemma is an excellent political thriller that has a broad appeal, especially for the mystery-loving crowd. With its engaging characters relevant and thought-provoking themes, this story from Bruce N. Ball is definitely worth checking out. If you want a non-mainstream look at the nature of unions, labor, and government, this is the book you should read.


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