Violet: The Life and Times and Women of Marcus Veovin

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Marcus Veovin has just met the woman of his dreams…IN his dreams.

After leaving his friend Dinah’s apartment in the big city, Marcus is on a journey to check on an old flame and make sure she’s safe from harm. During his drive, he is deterred by a horrible blizzard and is forced to check in to a nearby motel. While staying in the run-down inn, Marcus begins having dreams that seem far more real than reality itself, and throughout all of them, a unique woman by the name of Violet appears to him. The hardened traveler quickly comes to the realization that Violet is not only an actual person, but she’s also in terrible danger…and the dreams are her way of asking for his aid. Will Marcus be able to piece everything together and discover Violet’s whereabouts in time, or will the dreams become an everlasting nightmare that he’ll never awaken from…?

“The Life and Times and Women of Marcus Veovin” chronicles one man’s story as he walks the path to becoming an unforgettable legend in the history of mankind for reasons that must be seen in order to be believed. He is a well-traveled man who has witnessed many strange events and fought his share of bizarre battles in his time. His life has been anything but normal, but the one constant he always has seems to be the women he’s shared the most pivotal moments of his existence with. “The Life and Times and Women of Marcus Veovin” stories can be read in any order, but all build toward a climactic conclusion unlike anything in the entirety of the literary world.

Ironically, the idea for Violet was conceived when I was around seventeen or eighteen years old, and I jotted a simple note down in a notebook full of ideas, diagrams, and vocabulary I liked to keep handy. Apparently, the idea always stuck with me in the back of my mind since I wrote this story late last year, and roughly a week after the story went live, I found that note and had a good laugh!

How My Series Developed

Being a nerd, I grew up on the books of Terry Goodkind, Terry Brooks, and, of course, JRR Tolkien. I also loved reading and collecting Marvel Comics, and I’ve always had a passion for the Final Fantasy and Castlevania series. Add all this to the fact that I grew up in the eighties and nineties, which was arguably the greatest time for cinema, and I daresay I had one of the nerdiest childhoods imaginable! I knew from the moment I was in the second grade that I wanted to be an author, and in 2006, I mapped out an entire series from beginning to end and wrote the first novel in under a month. I wanted to capture the magic of everything I loved, but wanted to aim it an adult audience. I didn’t want to be censored, nor did I want to “fade to black.” I’ve always felt that the more the reader knows about the characters, the more they’ll relate to them and care about what happens to them. Telling a memorable story is my top priority, and I truly believe that my works are unprecedented since I’m writing fantasy in a way unlike any other author.

As mentioned, I started my series in 2006, but due to how intimidating breaking into the business can be, I shelved the project until early 2022. Fate had something in store for me one January afternoon when I was cleaning out my closet and found an old bag of my various stories and projects. In that bag, I recovered a letter my mother had sent to me when I was in college years ago, and in it, she told me that she knew I would one day achieve my dream of becoming an author because of the ability and creativity I possessed. My mother passed away in 2015 after fighting a heroic battle against cancer, so seeing that letter was the kick in the tail I needed. I looked at myself and asked why I would continue working a job I hate when I could be out there utilizing my talents for what I was meant to do in this life, and I’ve been doing it full-time since that very moment.

I would like to thank Timothy from Authors’ Lounge for reaching out to me after seeing one of my posts about Violet, and for presenting me with an opportunity to share one of my many stories with a new audience! As an author, I strive to take people out of the everyday, mundane world and place them into a fantasy setting unlike anything they’ve ever seen before, and with Violet, I feel that readers will not only meet a cast of characters they will fall in love with, but will also be taken on a pulse-pounding adventure that will have their hearts racing with the turn of every page!

Violet can be found on Amazon at this link:

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And since I love speaking to my supporters, you can freely contact me about my work with questions, comments, or any other feedback on Facebook under the profile Michael Verley. I’m the guy in the Goonies shirt!


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