The Shroud of the Second Coming

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This novel is unlike any other. The Shroud of the Second Coming delivers the truth about biblical understanding beyond any other book could do.

What I wanted to do was write a unique novel outside of anything Hollywood and the publishing industries had. This is where the Shroud of Turin comes in.

Why, indeed, did Jesus Christ leave an imprint of himself that lasted over two thousand years? What was the purpose of his message?

With research involving the biblical and scientific aspects of the holy relic, I came up with an unparalleled story about the Second Coming of Christ. However, looking for evidence relating to his return was somewhat challenging but possible back in the day. With a lot of effort and many sleepless nights, my studies took me to an area that couldn’t be ignored – a real possibility of the Messiah’s return involving the Holy relic of Christ. With the evidence obtained from it, my findings brought me to a place five miles S.W. from Jerusalem called The Corridor. And inside this valley possesses the holiest of all sites, named the Gateway.

It’s a story for those wanting to be brilliantly moved by the spiritual side of reality.

This realm of divine existence involves the Shroud of Turin, the Hadron Particle Collider, Spiritual Intervention, and the Second Coming of Christ. With so many stories written in the opinions of the author’s minds, they’ve all left out the critical description of proper biblical understanding. I, on the other hand, have researched the bible through the minds of archaeologists and scientists alike. And using this knowledge with the creativity of my writing, I’ve come up with a unique and exciting story. With every passing page, it has the readers wanting more. The voicing and dialog alone are carefully written to get those fans involved.

The Shroud of the Second Coming, The Story

Book Trailer

Welcome to a novel unlike anything you’ve ever encountered before. And with the same caliber as “The Shack,” we present to you “The Shroud of the Second Coming.”

What if, in one possible future, the burial cloth of Jesus Christ is proven to be authentic? The technology of the given time can identify the creation of something so extraordinary, it goes way beyond scientific understanding. And what if someone was to tell you that it could happen in this lifetime? Well, there is such a possibility, and based on scientific facts with biblical understanding, a story describing that event is narrated.

In the near future, an earthquake will erupt in the West Bank desert. This will create an eerie blue glow that will form over a valley they call the Corridor. Looked upon as a scientific phenomenon, science and religion have a need to investigate and, during their research, experience anomalies that go way beyond human understanding.

Soon, these paranormals will be recognized as spiritual occurrences and quarantined by the allied forces. During this time, the Particle Collider in Europe inadvertently discovered another dimensional plane that the Holy Spirit had orchestrated. However, what they recognize as an added dimension, others believe it to be the spiritual world of God. And it’s there that they make the most significant find of them all when testing for the Shroud’s authenticity. As these discoveries warrant, the Second Coming is on the horizon, creating a global impact that alters the course of humanity.

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