Turn A New Page: Underrated Mystery Novels To Read In 2024

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Mystery is among the rising genres in the market. However, while most may prefer consuming the classics, here are rising and underrated mystery novels to read in 2024.

Murder on the Orient Express. The Silence of the Lambs. Gone Girl

Most would have an idea of what these titles are. They’re among the classics in the fictional mystery aisle, well received enough to be adapted into movies. However, while these are timeless novels, readers wouldn’t be satisfied if their shelves remained only to be filled with the mainstream. It might still be a good selection, featuring a delightful variety. But it can hit a tedium point.

For an even better collection, it’s best to explore the market.

Readers shouldn’t only focus on famous and recognized authors. Instead, they must learn to dig deeper into bookshelves and find names they aren’t familiar with. Who knows, they might discover one of the most magnificent mystery novels to read in 2024.

New Year, New List Of Mystery Novels To Read In 2024 

Now that 2024 has just rolled in, you might have another list to accomplish as a reader other than your New Year’s Resolutions. Going into the year, you don’t only enumerate the habits you want to change, parts of yourself you wish to improve, or the activities you might want to dabble into. 2024 also means having a new list of books to explore and finish.

While it’s only January, ReadersMagnet believes it’s the best time to suggest some of our great finds for those seeking new materials. There are gems hidden from plain sight that also deserve some attention. And what better way to improve your bookshelves than by adding these lesser-known works?

Here are some underrated mystery novels to read in 2024. Add them to your To-Read List and extend your realm of suspense and lies with these treasures.

The Last Detective by Peter Lovesey

No better material captures the essence of mystery novels than those following a detective. Author Peter Lovesey seizes his readers’ attention by crafting an intricate plot that unfolds through the hands of an unconventional protagonist. The Last Detective follows a missing person case that’s surrounded by murder and other premeditated misdeeds. This series of events not only adds suspense to the case but also thrust it into a convoluted web of suspects and miscalculations.

The Calo Chronicles by Eugenia Fowles

If mundane or realistic stories are hitting close to your tedium point, this mystery book by E.R. Fowles transports readers into a new world. As one of the latest mystery novels to read in 2024, The Calo Chronicles offers a narrative like no other. It follows the protagonist, Samuel, who becomes a piece of a complex and consequential puzzle. He’s handed the responsibility to become the catalyst of freedom, a heavy burden on his own.

This book takes readers into an adventure oozing with the thrill and chase of justice and freedom. It puts you on the edge of your seat, begging to reach a resolution and conclusion.

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

One of our mystery novels to read in 2024 is one that can be comparable to Sherlock and his journey. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie is a crime-solving story with an 11-year-old prodigy as the main character. It’s Sherlock Holmes but younger and with a more endearing personality.

You’ll find yourself hopping on the pursuit with Flavia and enjoying every bit of the confusing and headache-inducing cases to solve throughout the story.

The Various Haunts of Men by Susan Hill

The Various Haunts of Men is a psychological crime novel that follows the clever Detective Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler. He dives head-first with bravery and the poise of a hundred detectives as he breaks down the complexities of human nature. Susan’s book delves deeper into the human psyche through a character-driven narrative deserving more appreciation.

The Anatomy of Ghosts by Andrew Taylor

Another non-realistic and modern story in our mystery novels to read in 2024 is set in 18th-century Cambridge. Readers will journey to find the truth behind a widow’s troubled experience. With her husband’s suicide raising questions in her mind, the protagonist digs deeper into the situation and unravels a more haunting revelation.

Mystery novels are equipped with intricate plots and compelling characters. They provide readers with an immersive experience, allowing them to experience society’s ups and downs vicariously.


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