Tales of Mystery, Fantasy & Science Fiction

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Tales of Mystery, Fantasy & Science Fiction is a collection of short stories that were hiding in the back of my mind since very long time ago; worlds that have been created and shaped since I was a little kid and up until now; its content is a variety of styles and genders like the title of the book says, it could be said that is very well balanced.  

It has been said that the writer is always writing and in a way is true, because when is not writing is thinking in what he is going to write… stories, characters and scenes; and is also true that an artist is very selfish because is always writing about him, the way he sees things, the way he feels… the way he sees the world; but one thing is definitive… the writer has to have passion, these are my worlds and I have to show them to you… enjoy them.   

Everybody can enjoy the book, it has simple but well-crafted stories and also complicated ones too; you know, the ones that serious complicated readers might like but it has a little romance as well.  

I think that the book can entertain all readers and inspire the readers with aspirations to write; after all writing is easy; it only requires a pen and a lot of paper or now days a computer; but the most important thing is the imagination; that nobody can buy but sometimes it only needs a little spark to start a fire.  

The book is doing pretty good but I’d like to have more exposure, I’m currently working with people that can help me with that; I’d like to see some of my books into films, I think that they all have a very important visual concepts as well as deep narrative.  

Right now, I’m working in the third book of the trilogy that started with The Master Of Realities and continued with Th Dream Of The Damned, that is still in talks into publishing. And After that only time could tell… the sky has no limits.  

E.C. Lemus

PS. My favorite writers: Fyodor Dostoevsky and Jorge Luis Borges. 


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