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The Bible has many things to say about love – but what are these types of love essential in our daily existence?

There are four unique categories found within Scripture. There are countless mentions of God’s love and He as the personification of love. Humanity craves love to different degrees, regardless of whether they admit it. Individually discovering the true meaning of it can be daunting and complicated. But the Bible says more than one thing about it, and we will later find out what those varieties are. Linda Decoff’s book Songs Of Eternity Treatments and Meditations on the Word of God contains perfect examples of God’s divinity, including His divine love.

The Four Types Of Love In The Bible

Scholars have extracted the texts from Scripture over time, resulting in love being divided into four categories: Eros, Storge, Philia, and Agape, Greek for the various kinds of love.

What Is Eros Love?

The term Eros was named after the mythological Greek God of love, sensuality, physical attraction, and physical love. According to Roman mythology, Cupid is the counterpart of Eros. Love in this form leans more on personal satisfaction, which in itself is not a bad thing. The purpose of Eros’s passion is to obtain one’s object of affection. However, God made Eros’s love exclusive to marriage only – that means no one can use it in promiscuous ways. Unfortunately, since the beginning of time, many people have misused and acted upon Eros’s love without the boundaries set in Scripture. And when promiscuity was rampant in Ancient Greek, the apostle Paul struggled to plant churches around the Mediterranean. He also gave a fair warning to the young believers in 1 Corinthians 7:8-9. He told them not to indulge in sexual immorality and choose marriage to fulfill the desires of their flesh.

Eros’s love should only be celebrated within the bounds of marriage because it is an exclusive gift and a blessing from God to married couples. In the Old Testament, you will find a vivid and passionate description of Eros’s love in Song of Solomon

What Storge Love Means

Unlike Eros, the word Storge is not encountered by many, making it unfamiliar. It pertains to family love, the deep affections, and bonds formed between parents, children, and other members of the family, especially siblings.

Here are some examples of apparent Storge love in the Bible:

  • Noah protects and ensures the safety of his family
  • Jacob’s love for his sons, especially for Joseph
  • Martha and Mary’s sisterly love and their mutual brotherly affection toward Lazarus

The original Greek word ‘philostorgos’ can also be found in Scripture. It describes and encourages believers to treat each other like family and do it with utter devotion. As Christians adopted into God’s big family, we, as His children, are commanded to love one another.

Philia Love in the Bible

The original Greek term pertains to Philia as a deep emotional bond between friends. It is a kind of love that transcends family blood relations; there are instances when Philia’s love surpasses Storge’s in some ways. Philia is derived from the Greek word ‘Philos,’ which means ‘beloved, dear friend.’ A close and trustworthy confidante whom one can lean on in a personal and intimate way.

Philia is also rampant in the Bible since it is the type of love that encompasses fundamental human relationships layered with care, respect, and empathy. This is also reflected in the brotherly and sisterly love shared between Christians, particularly during the early church. Philia is also an explicit identifier if someone is Jesus’ disciple, as described in John 13:35

Defining Agape Love

Among the four types of Biblical love, Agape ranks the highest because it details God’s universal, immeasurable and incomparable kind of love. Agape is essentially divine love in its most authentic form. This is the only love that is chaste, pure, flawless, sacrificial, unconditional, and eternal. And Jesus Christ is a clear example. He demonstrated and ultimately manifested Agape love when He chose to live among humanity and minister to them without asking for anything in return. Until he died on the cross to save us from our sins, that was the ultimate sacrifice that even sent Heaven into a grieving spiel. The well-known verse John 3:16 accurately depicts Agape’s love, from the Heavenly Father’s love for humanity and His choice to sacrifice His only Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross.

In Conclusion

Love is a powerful word beyond the scope of being an emotion. Love can be a choice, an action, or a driving force that makes people do things they never expected. Love is also the most genuine manifestation of faith. And the Bible has the complete and perfect description of this love. We can discover many forms of such love in the Bible and around us.


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