Author Rae Egan: Turning My Hobby Into A Passion

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Becoming an author was never a dream of mine. To be honest, I never considered publishing my work for consumption. For me, writing has always been a hobby. A way I can express my thoughts and feelings. So when I was offered a chance to write an article to be featured on Author’s Lounge, I was shocked.

I spent the last few years in a very toxic environment. One that sucked all my energy and creativity leaving me feeling empty. When I moved into my current apartment in May I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and my ability to be creative returned.

The Shadow Prophecy was born from this surge of creativity. I was scrolling through some books to read on my Ipad when I got an idea. Just a fleeting thought about a girl moving to a small town who finds herself unable to choose between two guys. I laughed off the concept at first. But, the idea had been planted into my head.

After letting it fester for two days I finally picked up my computer and started to write. The story flowed out of me like water. Within a week of writing the outline for not only The Shadow Prophecy but the entire Shadow Wolf Trilogy was born. 

In a matter of a week, I had created the complex and beautiful plot for three books. As I continued to work on flushing out the storylines, I realized my hobby of writing had truly become a passion. Now I am standing here two weeks away from the launch of The Shadow Prophecy amazed at what I’ve accomplished.

The Shadow Prophecy, the first installment in what I’ve dubbed the Shadow Wolf Trilogy is the story of seventeen-year-old Layla Kane. Leaving her life behind in Chicago she moves to the small town of Forrest Edge. 

Adjusting to small-town life isn’t easy for Layla as she struggles with severe bullying after getting on the wrong side of the school’s heartthrob Aiden Blair. 

While his golden boy looks don’t offset his horrid personality Layla finds herself drawn to him like a magnet. No matter how cruel he is she tries not to let it show. That is until she meets Vincent Keely.

The exact opposite of Aiden Blair, Vincent is a loner who treats Layla with kindness and respect. The only problem is both Aiden and Vincent are keeping a secret. One that will change all three of their lives forever. 

To help myself connect more with my target audience of Young Adult readers. I decided to add some of my own experiences from high school into the story. The elements of bullying in this book are partially based on real life. Which I hope will help the reader become more engaged in the story. 

My goal is that when someone reads my books it can be an escape from their own reality. That is what books for me are. A way to run away from my problems and be someone else. In a book, I can be fast or smart. I can marry William Darcy or catch a killer. While I may not be a great writer yet. I am going to keep going and hope at least one person will find comfort in my book.

As for what I hope to accomplish with The Shadow Prophecy. I don’t have any lofty ambitions to sell hundreds of copies and make a ton of money. I would like to sell at least 20 copies of my book. Though if I never sell a single copy at least I’ve fulfilled a goal I didn’t even know I needed. I put my heart and soul out for the world to see and that is something I can be proud of.

The Shadow Prophecy will be available on Amazon starting 7/31/21. You can find this and any of my future works on my Amazon Author Page:

You can follow me on Twitter

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope to see you on July 31st in Forrest Edge. 


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