Turning Dark Past Into Inspiring Stories for Others

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The Other Side of Fear by Wendy Veronica Lisare is an example of how one’s story of tragedy and despair into something beautiful and inspiring.

There are lessons in defeat, beauty in tragedy, and even the darkest moments are only temporary. Everything in this life is temporary, and the only thing constant is change, no matter how cliché it sounds. While each of us has our own challenges and misfortunes, others whose struggles are far more severe and life-changing. Tragedies and a series of unpleasant moments can take a toll on our psychological and emotional well-being. Years and years of suffering can make us think that life is unfair. However, hope springs eternal, and if we have enough faith and determination, we can turn things around and begin to see the beauty of life. After all, life is all about an incredible journey. Dark chapters in our lives can be a recipe for a grand narrative. According to the guardian.com,

 “The best memoirs are always transgressive. They are alternative history – voices you didn’t expect to hear; candor that breaches the norms of polite society; episodes that seem shocking till you recognize their truthfulness. They allow self-assertion. But they aren’t selfish. They have a unique story to tell – a story that resonates with everyone else’s story. Even their anguish can be uplifting, making us aware that, as Charlotte Brontë said, “there are countless afflictions in the world, each perhaps rivaling – some surpassing – the private pain over which we are too prone exclusively to sorrow.”

One book that is an example of turning a miserable past into a beautiful and inspiring memory is Wendy Veronica Lisare’s The Other Side of Fear: My Journey Into Perfect Love. It’s a memoir that details the extraordinary journey and transformation of the author. Wendy Veronica Lisare suffered a very unhappy childhood, a loveless marital union, divorce, the death of a loved one, and cancer. These misfortunes and tragedies left her with crippling fear and low self-esteem. But through these desperate moments, Lisare discovered courage, hope, and eventually joy, freedom, and fulfillment by embracing God. The Other Side of Fear is more than a feel-good narrative. It is a story of redemption and inspiration.

Writing memoirs based on sad life experiences and turning them into inspirational works always takes honesty and courage.

When writing a memoir, it is essential to remember the following:

1 Always begin by getting the reader’s attention. It can be a good title, a tagline, or an angle that will evoke interest or emotion from your target audience. It is important to also set the tone and pace to keep your readers committed to your book.

2 Tap your readers’ sense. Make them see, smell, hear, taste, and feel each scene. Memoirs are not only narratives. They should paint a picture and take the audience into a place you once stood, walked, and existed.

3 Don’t be a boring narrator. While memoirs don’t necessarily need to be confessional, you are still a character in this story. Make sure that readers can feel your passion and emotions on every page.

4 POVs are crucial and must be presented genuinely. The character’s POV must reflect the tone, words, and emotions.

5 Balance your tenses properly. Using the present tense will create immediacy. However, it can limit the measured reflection. Writing in the past tense is a wiser choice. But for some, doing so can seem too sedate and tidy. A seasoned writer will use both.

To know more about Wendy Veronica Lisare’s The Other Side of Fear: My Journey Into Perfect Love, grab a copy of the book or visit her official author’s website today.


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