Turn Your Dream Into Reality By Alvin F. Mason

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Turn Your Dream Into RealityStart and Grow Your Business By Alvin F. Mason

Do you have a dream to be self-employed?  Does GOD have a plan for you?  Can you glorify God by being an entrepreneur?  Let this blog for Authors’ Lounge direct you to becoming self-employed.   First you must have a Christian Constitution and second you must have faith.  Reading this book will not only convince you to start that entrepreneur dream, but also be the building blocks to putting that dream into reality.

This announcement with Authors’ Lounge will feed your curiosity for entrepreneurship.  This book covers every aspect of starting and growing a business.  The book together with Alvin F. Mason’s website, www.alvinfmason.com  will provide all the tools one needs to start the entrepreneur effort.

Alvin F. Mason has a Law Degree and MBA and bachelor degrees in management and accounting.  He also has an Advanced Certification (a BA equivalent) in Information Technology and a Professional Certificate in Web Design in addition to numerous other certifications.

Alvin F. Mason has helped many dreamers start and grow their business.  Let this book help you turn your dream into reality.  I wish the readers of Authors’ Lounge all the best with their efforts starting a business.  If you have the entrepreneur bug, you are challenge to read this book and go from there.


  1. Duane Jackson

    Al.. How are you doing my Brother. It’s Smokey.

  2. Melissa

    This is a really useful book to all entrepreneurs out there.

    • Miya

      Indeed, a great start-up book for the dreamers.


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