To Win Her Honor by Verna Cyril

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Lilianna, the oldest daughter of Baron Wilthermore, decides to pay an unchaperoned visit to
Lord Jarrick Warren, the Earl of Sittcliff. Her father is known for misuse of his money. Fearing
destitution, Lilianna must seek help from someone with wealth and power. She makes up her
mind to seduce Jarrick, but little does she know, he does not take orders, and certainly not from
Jarrick finds a beautiful woman in his bed, intending to use her grace and charm to solicit money
from him. Unimpressed, he doesn’t surrender to the little nymph’s ploy. Out of duty, he grants
her the sum requested and dismisses her. However, once he discovers his visitor’s true identity,
she is the gentle-bred daughter of Baron Wilthermore, he demands that she fulfill her end of the
bargain and spend the night with him.

And many more if he gets his way…

To Win Her Honor is book one of the exciting new series called Blood and Nobility. It is a
historical romance based in Europe in the early 1800s. Lilianna, the heroine, was desperate and
wanted to save her family from financial ruin. She visited Lord Jarrick Warren, the Earl of
Sittcliff for help. However, as the story unfolds, things became a lot more complicated for
her.The welcoming sight of a beautiful woman in his bed was quite disturbing, but what
disturbed Jarrick the most was the reason for her visit.
This book is intriguing, suspenseful and filled with twist and turns. From betrayal, heartbreak
and steamy scenes that will keep your interest.
I was inspired to write To Win Her Honor after I received my first publishing contract. Regency
period has always fascinated me and I wanted to write about wealthy families and the tragedies
they experience and somehow overcame. The characters and novel are fictional. However, I like
to believe that readers would learn practical life lessons. Historical romance readers would also
appreciate the historical accuracy.
I recently completed the third book in the series. Therefore, I look forward to introducing all
three books to voracious historical romance readers who enjoy alpha males and strong female


“What in the name…?” Jarrick growled softly, nearly doubling over at the sight of the
small form curled up in his bed. He had just come from a game of hunting with a few of his
comrades to find a woman wrapped in his blankets, fast asleep. A few golden tendrils fell over
her smooth cheek. Stunned and confused as to what was going on, he stood there lost for words.
For the first time, Jarrick Warren, the Earl of Sittcliff, was speechless.

He stared at her for a long time then stalked over to his bed. His blood now boiling and
exhausted from a long day of hunting, he shook her awake. Sky-blue eyes opened then slowly
closed again.
“Just a little while longer…” she trailed off sleepily. Then finally wide awake and aware
of her surroundings, Lilianna shot up from the bed. Her eyes locked with angry amber ones for a
long time. Speechless, Jarrick looked back into her brilliant blue ones. As if aware of the many
questions running through his mind, Lilianna locked her arms around him. “My Lord. Please.
Don’t send me away.”
Bewildered but aroused by the woman’s submissive request, Jarrick groaned inwardly.
He could feel her soft curves pressing against his body. He frowned and searched her face. A
beautiful face, he noted to himself. Disgusted by his train of thoughts, he shook himself back to
reality and quickly peeled the woman’s hands from around his neck. On the inside, he was
boiling with anger. But when he finally spoke, he sounded very calm. “Where do you come from
and who sent you?”
Not sure how to answer such questions, Lilianna remained quiet. Under the candlelight
glow, she noticed just how handsome he was. His eyebrows lowered and he frowned. He looked
like the barbarian he was reputed to be. The devil’s offspring. Matilda’s words played over in her
Jarrick stood to his full length and Lilianna had to tip her head back to look into his face.
His eyes were now brewing with anger. He warned softly, “I swear, if you do not tell me who
you are, you’ll regret it”
With shaking legs, Lilianna slid off the bed. “My Lord. Please, I am not your enemy. I
was not sent by anyone. I am just a desperate woman requesting a listening ear.”
Jarrick’s eyes swept over her. “Then speak now, Woman!” Then in a softer tone, he
continued, “I will not hurt you but explain yourself.”
Lilianna lifted her head to meet the intensity of his wolf-colored eyes then quickly
averted her gaze. Jarrick tried to look into her eyes again. But her gaze was pinned to the floor.
They were eyes that had made him forget, eyes that were now fearful to look back into his.

“Look at me,” he demanded softly.
Lilianna quickly lifted her gaze to look into his eyes again. Jarrick’s breath caught in the
back of his throat as he watched her eyes soften with passion.
An inexplicable desire for her shot through his loins. He cleared his throat then raked his
fingers through his dark hair. Confused, he began to pace the room with both hands behind his
“Tell me,” he finally broke the eerie silence. His eyes never left hers as he approached
her. “What troubles you this much that you come to a mere stranger’s bed?”
The sound of his boots hitting the floor as he drew closer sent shivers down Lilianna’s
spine. She drew a shaky breath then bit her lower lip.
“It’s my father. He has lots of debt. I am afraid that we may lose everything, that we…”
Jarrick placed one hand up in midair to stop her. “What kind of father would allow his
daughter to give her virtue away for debt?”
Lilianna stiffened then whispered, “You don’t understand. My father is an honorable
man. He would never allow me to do such an immoral thing.”
“Then why pursue it?” the earl questioned in disbelief.
Jarrick’s first thought was to remain calm but her words had disturbed him. He felt
disgusted that she would even consider bedding him for the money. He questioned, “What is this
debt amounting to?”
Lilianna’s throat burned with unshed tears. “I do not know, My Lord. But my father says
it is beyond imaginable.”
Jarrick drew back in surprise then remained quiet for a long time. Too long for Lilianna’s
way of thinking. “Beyond imaginable?” he repeated dryly, followed by a snicker. Then slowly,
his lips tugged into a smile.
Surprised, Lilianna watched in horror as Jarrick threw his head back and laughed. His
features were a lot softer than before, giving him the appearance of a young boy. Her eyes
narrowed into angry slits.

Parquetry flooring

“My Lord, if I may say, your behavior is more than just uncouth.” Jarrick lifted one
eyebrow cockily and Lilianna’s hands planted on her hips. Her eyes were now burning with
“Maybe, this was a mistake.” She turned on her heel.
“Wait.” Jarrick stopped her. She watched as he crossed the room. He went to his desk and
pulled the drawer open. Without hesitation, he began to write a bank note. Lilianna watched in
silence as he handed it over to her.
A gasp of relief escaped her lips. She took a look at the bank note in her hand. “This is
too generous, My Lord,” she noted.
Jarrick’s eyes held hers as he replied firmly, “I fulfilled your request because I do not like
the idea of you warming another man’s bed to pay off your father’s debt.”
Lilianna’s cheeks heated up. Jarrick crossed his arms across his large chest. His arms
were like tree trunks. Her eyes ran over his golden tan skin and his raven black hair that was now
tied to the back of his head. Indeed, he was very handsome, she thought as heat spread through
her body.
As if aware of Lilianna’s doubt, he reassured her, “I am sure this amount will help cover
a few of your father’s expenses.”
Lilianna flushed then cleared her throat. Lost for words, she edged closer to him. She
could feel the heat emanating from his body. “How do I ever repay you, My Lord?” She stood on
her tiptoes, trying her best to brush her lips against his cheeks. But Lilianna was barely able to
reach his chest. Jarrick remained still, his expression stony. Finally, she gave up trying to kiss
him and breathlessly dropped her eyes to the floor, not quite sure how to make her offer.
Her voice was faint when she spoke. “If it is your wish, My Lord, I am willing to repay
you. But I have nothing to offer but myself.”
Jarrick tensed. Then without thinking, he held her tightly by the upper arms, unaware of
the fact that his fingers were biting into her tender flesh. At the sound of her groan, he quickly let
go of her and took a step back. He had been so angry with her for even considering such a thing
that he had not realized that he was hurting her.

He was so close to her that he could smell the lavender in her hair. For a small moment,
he forgot all about temperance. Disgusted with himself, he turned away from her. A woman
below his class was never an option. He had vowed that he would never take peasant stock to his
When he spoke, his voice was strained with passion. “I have given you the money. Now,
take your leave.”
Lightheaded, Lilianna turned to leave. Even though she had freely offered her body to
him, she didn’t know if she was brave enough to go through with it. A sigh of relief escaped her
lips as tears threatened to well in her eyes again.
She and her sister would be fine. Pure joy seized her. Her father’s debt would be paid and
their lives would be back to normal. Not only that, but she was able to do all of this with her
virtue intact.
She could feel his weighty stare as she left his room. Curious, she took one last glimpse
over her shoulders and their gazes locked briefly. Obvious desire burned in his eyes. Timidly,
Lilianna tore her eyes from his burning ones and shut the door behind her. He had wanted her,
she thought with disbelief as a triumphant smile spread over her lips. His honor had stood in his
way and, fortunately, had also saved whatever virtue she had left that night.

Testily, Jarrick crossed the great hall to the table. He had spent all night with this
beguiling woman on his mind.
His mother was already seated at the table, breaking her fast. “How was your evening,
Jarrick took a seat at the table and poured himself some ale. He had never felt this
disoriented before and it didn’t sit well with him. The woman’s sky-blue eyes and angelic
features had remained imprinted on his mind and, yet, he couldn’t have her. He had never seen
the need to sleep with a woman of such low stature. But this woman, her decorum was like a
noblewoman. In haste last night, he had returned to the gate. The guards had informed him that
the woman was gone, along with her four bodyguards. They didn’t know the woman’s name or

where she was from. He slammed his hand on the table, tearing a gasp of disbelief from his
mother’s lips. “Whatever is the matter, dear?”
He knew he had to settle his nerves. Taking a deep breath, he questioned, “Who was that
strange woman in my bed last night?”
His mother drew back in surprise. “Felicia, of course. Isn’t she the same woman you told
me about last month on your visit to see me in Yorkshire?”
Jarrick almost choked on his drink. He cleared his throat. “Mother, is this why I found
that woman in my bed? Is it because you thought she was Felicia?”
The woman straightened her spine and stared back into her son’s apprehensive face.
“Why, yes,” she replied.
“Mother of pearl,” Jarrick muttered.
His mother threw her napkin on the table. “Young man, I demand that you curb your
Jarrick clenched his teeth then breathed deeply. “My Lady, I sincerely apologize for my
odd behavior.”
The woman’s features softened.
“But this was not Felicia!” he snapped. He rose off his chair, the chair scraping over the
concrete floor. A panic-stricken Lady Eleanor watched his broad back until it disappeared behind
the walls of the keep.

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Verna Cyril was born on the beautiful island of Saint Lucia, in the Caribbean. From an early age,
she was fascinated by the written word and she devoured anything in print that she could lay her
hands on. As Verna progressed, her knowledge of the world and the intricacies of human
behavior increased and fired her imagination to express herself in the fantasy of conjuring stories
that were graphic and spellbinding much to the delight of family members and a growing circle
of friends and admirers.

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