Through the Meadow

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Authors’ Lounge has been kind to seek information about my latest novel, Through the Meadow.

This volume is the third book in an epic fantasy/action-adventure series, Wrapped in the Rays of the Sun. Initially, the first two books (Casting Shadows and The Circle is Broken) are narrated by Eleanor “Nora” Brutrose, who fought to gain her crown after the death of her father, King Gerald II of Klenard. In Through the Meadow, the story shifts to another narrator, Miranda Bryon. She witnesses the changes in Nora’s court and their world itself and fights in small ways to defeat evil. She marries three times (one of them to her maid of many years), has several children (in her first two marriages), and rises to the unlikely and high position of leader (to a worldwide organization that fights against extremism).

What inspired me to write

Through the Meadow was a dream. Initially, I mapped out Nora’s pathway and was going to end it there. In this dream, these two women – a noblewoman and her maid – were traveling. But they are secret lovers. When I woke up, I knew that I had to write that story. Recent events from around the world, especially in the US, would further add to it and I was delighted when I created the series.

Imagining the character of Miranda, I aimed for growth, but with a touch of her childishness retained. During the time I was writing it, I faced another crossroads in my life and I honestly believed that everything I knew was not going to solve it. I had to stop sitting in comfort and come to terms with many things, one of them acknowledging feelings I left buried.

Miranda and I had a lot of similarities

narcissistically abuse, retaining a trusting nature, and even a secret love hidden from family. Unlike me, though, Miranda was a naïve little girl initially married to a much older man and she does not discover her sexuality until much later. Afterward, she is growing and setting boundaries within her control, with knowledge and experience underneath her. My target audience for my books are generally aged 25-45, all genders. I picture that a lot of them are like me – socially inept and in love with caffeine, history, books, and life itself. Some might write like me and tackle a family or other difficult situations. Others might be a cat parent or an older distracted college student, looking for a good read. But all of us love huge books and sequels.

My hope with my books is that my readers not only have a good story they are distracted with, but that they are able to find a piece of themselves in each one. I want someone to say THAT’S ME! I want a reader to think OH, MY GOD, IT’S POSSIBLE?! Or…be on the edge of your seat, dreading to read what happens next…

When I was growing up, I felt like nobody understood me. I was too mistrustful of the outside world and used books for comfort. Today, still a Book Dragon, I have a tribe that is eclectic and beautiful. I choose to continuously think and speak with empathy and not fall into the trenches of trauma. Through those experiences and education, I want to gift the stories with love to the world.

I want to scream out that Through the Meadow

is available to read, through any way possible. I also want to announce that I just released the Kindle pre-order for the next book in the series, Revolution. This volume will feature a new narrator, John Ronald, who lives in the land of Klenard during the turbulent times that Miranda Bryon helped to fight against. Through the Meadow was part of the catalyst to a world war and John Ronald will speak about how revolution changed the world.As for myself, I am a self-published author and founder/owner of the nonprofit, CT Authors Partnership.

I’ve been telling stories for as far back as I can remember, from oral stories as a child to my novels today. I am from New Britain, CT and married, with two cats and a special needs son. Through the Meadow is my fourth novel and the third volume in the epic fantasy/action-adventure series, Wrapped in the Rays of the Sun.

My project, CT Authors Partnership

seeks to connect indie authors to their audiences, provide for the socio-economic needs of these authors, and to educate about the importance of the written arts. I created this in part due to the constant rejection, lies, and cheating that occur to many indie authors, myself included. Any resources will be provided, including editing, illustrations, and more. The first face of my professional profile, my website, provides this information. There are pictures, events, links to my books, a blog, and more. You can also find news, samples from the next book, musings, and sometimes poetry. My website

If you want to buy my books, they are sold on Amazon and other authorized distributors. I sometimes sell them at book events. There is an Amazon icon on my website that will bring you to my author page on their website. You can also click here to begin the adventure:


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