Through My Eyes

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Crystal Delaine is a motivational speaker and an accomplished author born and raised in Gary, Indiana. In her latest book “Through My Eyes: Life Expectations” As an author Crystal Delaine has always had a passion for writing and inspiring those around her.

Her love for writing began at a noticeably youthful age. Whether it was authoring poems or music she understood her purpose in life early on. Crystal’s extensive background in working with others in her community and youth fuels her ministry and motivates her to make a positive difference in the lives of others. The author dedicated this book to her late mother and late grandmother who were two extraordinarily strong women to whom she truly looked up.

Crystal also dedicated this book to her three beautiful daughters with the hopes that they will use this book as a guide of their own as they grow older and began to experience life’s journey for themselves. She has captivated many readers with her inspirational book on self-accountability, life choices, and how to take control of your journey. Through My Eyes: Life Expectations is the blueprint of true self-discovery.

This a terrific book for ages eighteen and up because it gives you a guide that you can use and reference not only at the initial stages of your life but also throughout your life. No matter what you may face along your journey you can pull something from her book that will help you overcome. This a great read for those who are struggling to find themselves and understand their true purpose in life. To those who looking to find their voice that has gone unnoticed for so many years. One thing that truly stands out in her book is the numerous motivational and mind-blowing quotes throughout. One of the quotes that truly stand out is “To protect your foundation, there will be times you’ll walk alone because what you have built, you’ll refuse to allow anyone to destroy the mold.”

Along with the magnificent quotes referenced throughout the book, it is truly relatable to the average reader as it discusses true-life obstacles, we all can relate to. Whether it is unfulfilled dreams, having the courage to walk away from that underpaying job because deep down you know you are worth more, to setting boundaries with the one closest to you. It speaks of holding yourself to the highest standard to achieve levels of success unimaginable to others. Most importantly it discusses the internal triggers we all deal with that determine how we react to certain situations.

Through My Eyes poses some great questions as well that will get your wheels turning. One of the questions that I find to be a great one is “Are you a thinker or a reactor?” the way the author has broken down the difference between the two will have you looking at your own past decisions.

It is utterly amazing how one’s words can give you a different perspective and outlook on life that you did not even realize you needed. With rave reviews, Crystal Delaine has truly made her mark as not only a great writer but also someone who has the capability to reach the masses worldwide. If her speaking abilities are anything like her writing ability Crystal Delaine will become a Powerhouse heard and recognized around the world. Through My Eyes: Life Expectations is available now on Amazon. I am sure you want to know what we can expect next for Crystal Delaine. This phenomenal author is currently working on her second book “A Woman Fulfilled” which is sure to be another best seller with a 2024 release date.

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  1. Jennifer Mabon

    Great book!! very encouraging 👏


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