Thought-Provoking Poetry by Brion K Hanks: A Book Feature

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Photo by Brion K Hanks

Thought-provoking poetry inspired by love and loss is what Brion Hank’s book unfolds. Every page will reveal the author’s vulnerabilities and how he was able to touch on grief. By writing about it, the art form became a cathartic experience. 

Thought-provoking poetry makes us wonder about the world. How to describe it in a way that translates our feelings articulately, what it means to us personally, and why it makes sense in a manner that only a few understand. We can plant seeds of hope in a desolate land covered in sorrow and pain through poetry and prose.

What does Brion K Hanks’ book entail for the readers?

His book titled: When the Rose Fades was written in 2000. It is a compilation of all the shared poetry Hanks wrote up to 2000. Brion creatively weaved verses of words after losing loved ones and some friends. It was after sharing his poetry with his friend Rich, to include their discussion of hospice and helping both people who are facing death and those dealing with loss, that When the Rose Fades was born.

When the Rose Fades: thought-provoking poetry at its best

Brion K Hanks’ book When The Rose Fades

Despite dealing with loss and grief, the book didn’t deter Hanks from putting together a readable book of poetry that aims to inspire and comfort readers. When the Rose Fades focuses a lot on hospice and helping those in need.

The varied perspectives about living and dying are tackled in the book. Additionally, tales about courage and character are laid out for readers to gain inspiration from. And because the book contains a balanced mix of emotions, that can invoke feelings of comfort and empathy from the reader.

About Brion K Hanks, author of thought-provoking poetry books

Before When the Rose Fades, Brion K Hanks wrote another book titled Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose: Along the Road Before Me in 2021. He co-authored a 272-page safety and risk book, Safety Under Construction. Hanks is a prolific individual with a penchant for anything thought-provoking but still demonstrates a sense of vulnerability.

Through his books, Brion wants to reach out to every reader looking for a place of comfort during the stormy weather of life. He does that by opening himself up honestly, and reveal qualities of his humanness. He also recognizes the power and authority of God in his life, which readers will sense through his poetry. Hanks believes that words can heal immensely, making a difference in other people and relationships, which ultimately replaces fear with faith.

Excerpt from Brion K Hanks’ book When The Rose Fades

Hanks leaves you with a question:

If today is the future we created yesterday, how do we proceed with each tomorrow?

Finding our life’s purpose while working on our passions can be challenging, especially when we encounter moments of grief due to loss. We must be able to go unscathed and even take scars with us as we travel our life journey. The author wants you to bear in mind that we can grow in light and love to contribute to the betterment of this world of ours.

We must recognize the swift reality of life, and be wise enough to acknowledge the value of not wasting life moments. The difference we make to a particular degree won’t even matter for long. Because what truly counts is that we do it now. Hopefully, When the Rose Fades and Tales of a Traveler in Poetry and Prose: Along the Road Before Me a thought-provoking poetry book, can positively influence you.



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