Themes of Life in Poetic Expressions: How Kishwar Mirza’s Book Charms the Readers

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We always connect to poetry whenever we feel the most human as possible. It touches different human emotions and makes our life more unforgettable through such lines that transcend our souls into words. There are a lot of poems and poets whom we remember. Poems of Poets have been our friends throughout our journeys in life. Poems about love, death, Inspiration, and Nature are a few themes that influential poetry has.

Poetry with a touch of witticism and playfulness is such an effective way of ensuring the poetry’s intention to effectively conveys to the reader. Such a fantastic book that extensively uses this kind of relatable style is Kishwar Mirza ins her book “Stories and Poems from a Grandmother’s Heart .” In this enchanting book, she celebrates Nature, beauty, and fun with heart-warming poetic lines and proses. Kishwar’s book uses animal characters to add to the charming allegory of life and its abundance.

With an evident love of a Grandmother, the author ensures that all of what we feel will caress our hearts with such an atmosphere of love and Nature. The author believes that everything we experience is due to the fact that we love the simplest way possible, and small things come from the minor things in life that we celebrate and give meaning. The book is full of simplicity, almost a child-like dream with caress of a Grandmother’s Lullaby.

Poems about Love

This is a usual theme for poetry because it celebrates the human passion for love. Any love can include in this theme. May it be a passion, love of friends, parents for children, or love of humanity. The theme of love has been immortalized by some canons of literature and has been monumental to the literary scene of the world since its reflective power echoes around the world. Poetry about love entails a wide range of topics that umbrellas this kind of poetry. There have been a lot of poets before that wrote about this broad topic. Talking about poetry about love, it is essential to note that the history of writing this kind of genre is long since humans first invented the writing system.

Poems about Death

Often this theme is dark and gloomy. But since death is inevitable, humans have been embracing death and making it art instead of fearing it. These arts include poetry. Such brilliant poets of the past use death as their muse and even romanticize death as an expression of affection and love. Death is a very poetic expression and is very evident as an expression of human curiosity for the unknown and unexplainable. Poetry about death is often misregarded as gloomy and sad. Still, the truth is that it is trying to explain and romanticize death, which is very important in honing human imagination.

Poems about Inspiration

Being a poet, the most prevailing job must include inspiring readers through words and metaphors. This means that a poem isn’t just make our lives more undeniably beautiful but also a source of guidance to those who read. A poem caresses the readers through the enthralling words of Inspiration that shed light on the future. Poems about inspiration are made solely for humans to add some meaning and touch their lives while they are in the battles of their demons every day. The legacy of Poetry as a source of inspiration has brought humanity to the highest peak of its maturity and resiliency, where you can study that the best minds and artists in every era relied on the power of words, not only as a part of their daily life for communication or art and aesthetic but also for the source of meaning and inspiration.

Poems about Nature

It has also been an image of poetry to talk about Nature and its magnificent views. From the branches of trees dancing while the wind caresses its leaves to the streaming water flows like a hair of an enchanted lady. These poems of Nature resonate like sounds of waves, of oceans’ vastness seen on the pages. How majestic is it to read such poems of Nature and its sparkling beauties?

It is such a light-hearted read if we happen to have a book like Kishwar Mirza’s book. This book will remind us how wonderful life would be experiencing if we just lay back and experience the simplest things we see in Nature—believing that everything exists with purpose, essential to the manifestation of poetry that connects and touches our soul immensely. Want an experience of a charming and light-hearted read? Check Kishwar Mirza’s book by visiting the website Have a great read!  


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