The Weapons They Use by Kate Porter

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Some would ask if THE WEAPONS THEY USE is science fiction or an expose’. Especially after all the hoopla the recent 60 Minutes episode about UAPs (Unidentified Arial Phenomena), and how the government is beginning to take these sightings more seriously, has caused. 

THE WEAPONS THEY USE is about Lieutenant Samuel Jackson whose ruthlessly structured world has been turned upside down after the death of his twin brother, Seth. Sam is a Marine, heart and soul, with both boots planted firmly in reality. He believes only in what he can see, hear, touch and kill if need be. He developed this ethic after a traumatic event on his and Seth’s eighteenth birthday that had Seth in and out of psych hospitals after being diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Now, a decade after that event, Seth has climbed to the top of a twenty story building and opened fire on a crowd at a street fair before taking a swan dive to his death. After two FBI agents barge into his office at Parris Island Marine Base, Sam makes it his mission in life to prove there was more behind his brother’s actions than a sick mind in desperate need of medication. 

Enter Karma Taylor, a friend of Seth’s, who at one time was a top litigation attorney. For the past year and a half Karma has been burning up the internet, speaking at science fiction conventions and touting to the world about alien abductions, government complicity and impending extraterrestrial conquest.

Sam is a dedicated soldier whose purpose in life is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Karma is a woman who has lost everyone she loved after what she believes was her own alien abduction. It’s hard to believe these two people, who have such dichotomic views of the world, can find common ground to bring the truth to light. THE WEAPONS THEY USE has had readers saying, “This is an utterly believable story!”

The inspiration behind THE WEAPONS THEY USE has tickled my creativity several times over the years but only came to fruition after first the Las Vegas shooting in 2017 and then again the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh in 2018. My brain kept telling me there had to be a reason behind these horrific acts that were becoming more and more rampant. Then, while I was researching for another book, I came across an article on about a new galaxy that was discovered in 2015, dubbed Dragonfly 44, which consists of 99.99% dark matter. Hmmm . . . and the story begins!

What few people know who have read this book, is that it is a novelization of an original, feature length screenplay that I’d written back in 2019. When the idea for this story first came to me, I thought to myself this would be a heck of a movie. Look at the impact INDEPENDENCE DAY had on the world when it first came out back in 1996. And let’s not forget how Orson Welles’ radio show in 1938 of H. G. Welles’ WAR OF THE WORLDS impacted listeners! 

Kate Porter
Author Kate Porter

I believe that anyone who appreciates thrills, suspense, action, soft science fiction and a bit of romance would love this story. 

I hope readers not only enjoy the ride but come to believe that this could really happen. We are not alone in the universe and we should prepare ourselves for that reality. Like human beings who inhabit this planet, whose to say that other worlders are not just as diverse in their beliefs and actions as we are?

Like most independent authors, getting our work out to readers falls mainly on us. We, most of us anyway, don’t have the option of our writing being our sole income and have to work a “day job” to keep the wolf from our doors. 

With nine books in circulation, some under the pseudonym K.J. Porter, two unpublished manuscripts, three feature length scripts, a pilot for a one-hour, Network Prime time crime drama, (my latest book, THE SHAMAN is the novelization of this pilot), and two sitcom pilots, my life is pretty busy. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying friends and family. After moving to the Southeast from central Indiana back in 1995, I fell in love with this area. The history, character and charm of Savannah Georgia has given me a fathomless well of story ideas. I often bounce my thoughts off my sister and my best friend. Now, after rescuing him from the Savannah Humane Society, my two year old cat, Chunk, is not immune to my impulsive bouts of story plots. I know when he likes what he hears because the volume of his rumbling purr rises. 

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