The Soul Within by Toni Davis

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My name is Toni Davis, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, where I still live. I’ve been married for almost 16 years and an author for 5 years. I’ve never been a big reader. I’m a bit shy, to myself and soft spoken. I grew up with 4 sisters, no brother. This made some people surprised that I wrote my first book about a boy becoming a man. I started writing it days after the climax of the story came to me as I tried to sleep. I researched some key elements for my story and wrote at least half of it out before my husband asked me if I was planning to get it published. At that time I wasn’t, so I did some research on publishing and royalties, then I decided I’d give it a try. While writing I didn’t really know what age to stop at because I didn’t want it to be too long. So I turned it into a 3 book, coming of age, series. I released book one in 2016 and then the other books in the next two years after. I think I promoted them and sold as many copies as I could of the series before I wrote my short story. I didn’t really promote the short story too much, it was just something to try out other forms of publishing.

  As I thought about my next book, my husband came up with the idea for “The Soul Within”. He thought it was time for me to up my game. He even produced a soundtrack for it to help me promote. I then made an audiobook for it, to make it a little more unique. Instead of just the paperbacks and ebooks I normally do. I was ok writing coming of age and simply stories. But I also didn’t want to get put into the “only one genre” box. “The Soul Within” is a suspense novel about breaking points in life and how people deal with them. It’s for the older crowd, 18 and up. After my book series surprised people in more than one way, I decided to test out my writing skills. It did take me a couple of months to figure out how I would go about writing a suspense novel. Better yet something as dark as the ideas my husband had. After a while I ended up going with his concept but with a touch of my original work. With “The Soul Within'' I wanted my audience to see me in a different light. To think.. all the way through the book and wonder what’s coming next. I wanted the book to have a stock and awe effect. To have them wondering how I came up with it. It does have similarities from my earlier works but this book took my writing to another level. At least I think it did. 

 As for the future of “The Soul Within” book… First I hope that “Author’s Lounge” can help me reach more readers. Right now I’m still figuring out how to properly market a suspense novel. The way I wrote it, I can’t explain to the readers the true plot of the story. Some might turn away before giving it a chance. Plus it wouldn’t be suspenseful. I also want to see what the readers get out of it. I plan to network more when I go out, try to get my name out more. I would love to have more book signing or meet the author events. But the way everything is now it’s hard to do. I have been thinking about putting it in libraries and/or bookstores. Depending on how people react to “The Soul Within”, I might be working on a sequel next year.





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