The Secrets We Keep by Tavetta Patterson

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Thank you Authors’ Lounge, for providing a platform for Authors to share their books. Secrets, everyone has at least one, maybe two, three or more secrets. What happens when those secrets start falling out of the closet in a marriage?Does each spouse choose to love unconditionally?Is love strong enough to conquer the pain related to the secrets from the past? “The Secrets We Keep” is a novel that explores all of these questions.   Presenting “The Secrets We Keep” to the Authors’ Lounge reading audience:   

The Secrets We Keep” is the story of a young woman named Gracie, who has it all put together if you look at the surface of her life.  However, if you take a deeper look below the surface, you will find out that she is all torn apart because she has not properly addressed the secrets of her past.  The book takes a journey with Gracie from a broken little girl who becomes a broken woman.  It takes a look at the damage that secrets can cause on marriage, family relationships and friendships.

Gracie is a prominent doctor, married to David, a man who inherited a successful family business. They are on the verge of their 10th anniversary of marriage; however, secrets from the past attempt to hinder them from reaching their happily ever after. This sends David on a mission to prove that love is strong enough to overcome the pains of the past.   Gracie had the painful, but necessary task of testifying in court against a man who had tormented her for more years than she cared to remember. Threats were used as enforcers to keep “their” secrets safe. It had taken Gracie more than ten years, to finally tell the full truth, as she knew it.

Bickering had broken out between her and her family to the point that no one was speaking to her. Her testimony in court could possibly form an even wider wedge between them which caused the internal struggle that she battled daily to grow more intense. Will Gracie allow the truth to make her free or will she remain hindered by the pain of her past? Read “The Secrets We Keep” to find out the answer to this question and the answers to some of the most pressing questions in life.  

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  1. Sheska

    A simple plot but very well executed. I enjoyed every page of it.

    • Navaeh

      I love how David is very determined to prove their love.


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