The Rython Kingdom by Mandy Eve-Barnett

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I need to prefix this article with the fact that although I currently reside in Canada, I am originally from England. Hence the setting for this novella and its subsequent series. When you are brought up in England, you tend to take for granted the rich and long history of the island. There have been settlers, invaders, and conflicts

since the 10th century, culminating in numerous castles, forts, mansions and more. This plethora of history gives the country its uniqueness and the opportunity to write stories in a multitude of historical eras. I traveled the length and breadth of England, Wales, and Scotland visiting many places to get a more personal feel for these periods, its people and rich history.

When you can stand within a castle’s walls, or view grand apartments filled with original paintings and furniture, the history comes alive. You can imagine the lives of its inhabitants, and in some cases close your eyes and sense their ghostly presence. These visits, and my history lessons in school, allowed me to dig into my experience to give The Rython Kingdom a realistic visualization of place.

The original idea for the story was through three separate writing prompts on my writing group’s website. The prompts were – blue beads, a beast, and a medieval town. A simple start you will agree. For some reason the combination ignited an idea within me and a novella with two stories within it tell the story of a travelling troubadour and his experiences while relaying a story to the King’s court.

The basic theme is good versus evil – a timeless topic told for millennia. The troubadour, Guillem Ruet is manipulated through a dream by a vengeful witch. Her plot is discovered, and good sorcery is required to fight her evil. Set within a medieval era and castle, you will become immersed in a period of gallantry, but also romance. Guillem meets a mysterious woman, who ultimately changes his existence in a miraculous way.

Although, I did not plan on writing a sequel, I received multiple requests to do so and Rython Legacy was born. The story follows the original sorceress’ granddaughter and her relationship with a young prince. There is obviously something captivating in these characters and setting as a prequel, Malgraf’s Dawning, will be published later this year. Never say never, especially when your readers ask for more.

As to the audience of this series I am told tweens, teens and adults enjoy the stories.

Now, a little about me as an author. I came to writing later in life and it soon became an obsession. (I’m unapologetic about that!) The ability to create whole worlds from my imagination is pure joy, and there are no limitations. I am a multi-genre writer, and have written romance, speculative fiction, steampunk, historical, timeslip, young adult and children’s books. Added to these are multiple anthologies and a memoir workbook. I allow the story to unfold and follow my characters on their journey. 

Once the prequel to this series is published, I will have ten books out in the world. That said I am currently editing a western romance and have four other manuscripts in various stages of completion – so there will be more! But there is always the specter of a new shiny idea on the horizon that demands my attention over them. 

You can find me all over social media and my website: I am always happy to answer questions about my stories. My books are available on all the online purchase sites either as e-book or print. 

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And lastly, but not least, I want to thank the Authors’ Lounge for messaging me and asking me to contribute. It was a wonderful surprise, and I am grateful for the opportunity. 


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