The Road to ‘L’ by Tony Levy

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Thanks to Authors’ Lounge for giving me the opportunity to inform you of my new book

The Road to ‘L’ Do you remember your driving instructor? Well, they sure remember you.
I have just released this my next book on Amazon which is a humorous memoir. Set in Central London during the period 1981 to 1983 when I was a driving instructor in London working for The British School of Motoring.

This book is a journey with me through my eyes when I was a professional driving instructor and will amaze you and amuse you. It gives you a chronological history of the world events that affected London during this period, and of course about learning to drive a car. But in reality, the book is about people and how they can reveal so much about themselves whilst in the company of their driving instructor. 

With some truly amazing stories, and some occasional scary situations, but above all humour.
Pitched somewhere between the old English classic carry-on films and a series of sexy films called Confessions of … It is a humorous memoir of my time as a driving instructor; I reveal the stories of what can happen on a driving lesson, the offers of sexual favours and the actual driving routes I used all around the famous and historic landmarks of London. My books are all humorous memoirs hopefully in the style of Terry Pratchett They should appeal to anybody who likes anecdotal tales, I have tried to write in the style that would make you believe you are in a restaurant and I am with you just recounted episodes of my life or in a pub having a drink with friends, and I’m relating anecdotal stories about my life to you.

The Road to ‘L’ is an eye-opening, poignant, and often hilarious romp of bumper-to-bumper tales through my eyes during that time in Central London in the 1980s.

Amazing, funny, and scary situations. Some of which are unbelievable, but all true.

Like Sister Mary Clara, who could not tell her left from her right. and her meeting with one of the famous Beatles who promised to write a song with her in the lyrics. 

Or how when the IRA set off bombs in Hyde Park and Regent’s Park, on both occasions, I was driving past with a pupil on a driving lesson. Or the Royal wedding of Charles and Diana when a van ran into the back of my car with me ending up in the hospital.

Meet Mrs Shah and her enormous………..eyes, or the Kadeem’s and their final shoot out at Southall driving test centre. Or the murderer who escape from my car and was last seen running up Primrose Hill.

All the characters were real and amazing experiences.

Not only a chronological history of the world events during this period and a magical journey through the historical streets of this amazing city, but it’s a book about people, and how they can reveal so much about themselves whilst in the company of their driving instructor.

I was inspired to write this book as a prequel to my first two books and a further look into the story of my life and my search for my own piece of El Dorado. 

My first book published back in 2011 is called A Turnkey or Not? It is a biography of my 25-year service working in Her Majesty’s Prisons and my second book El Dorado? Not! Heathrow Airport is a follow on from the first book and continues my working career as a security officer working at one of the busiest airports in the world and people’s behaviour when confronted with modern-day air travel. 

However, the real inspiration to write my books is to leave a legacy to my future generations that they can look back and say did my great grandad really do those things back in those days, what an inspiration that has been for me. History is one of the most important things in this life and if you can leave your version of it for future generations then you have made a valuable contribution to the human race.

Including the members of the Authors’ Lounge my target audience is anybody that likes a good old fashioned funny and engaging read. Memoirs are difficult books to get out to the public as most of us only want to know about the celebrities who mainly do not write their books but have ghost writers to do their work, and publicist who make sure the public are aware of the celebrities’ book but we all have a story to tell which is unique to us and it’s a wonderful experience to find people who read about your life really enjoy what they read.

I hope readers learn about people and maybe themselves and how important it is to treat each and every one of us with respect. We all are important people and all of us make this world what it is.

My future goals are to be a good member of the Authors’ Lounge. I am writing a new book which continues my story; however, this book reveals what it is really like living in an expat community in a foreign country. It might have to be published posthumously as some people will recognise themselves in this book and will not like what they see.

I am also attempting to write my first ever fiction book for children based on four kittens that turned up on our doorstep after some tremendous storms and made us theirs. It will be an adventure story about the kittens and their survival.

I am a 69-year-old cancer survivor from Tottenham. A family man and former prison officer. After spending 25 years in the UK’s prison service, and having become increasingly disillusioned with stifling modern prison service politics and practices, in 2008 I took my pension pot and ran, moving to Spain to spend my early retirement in the sun. This autobiography, A Turnkey or Not? is about my prison service life is my first book.
My wife and I, however, temporarily moved back to the UK due to the economic climate, at the time. And I returned to working life.

But now we have been back living in Spain for over six years and am enjoying our life together.

Thank you for this opportunity


Tony Levy


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