The Road to Happiness: Where to Find Moments of Bliss

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Choose To Be Happy by Robert Knapick teaches an important life lesson: the road to happiness is worked for and not given; moments of bliss have to be created.

In today’s world, everyone is burdened with stress. So much so that it seems like there’s no end in sight. People will always be stressed, it seems. Perhaps you might even be inclined to say that everyone is born stressed and frustrated with life. After all, a scant few might consider living altogether a very terrible card that they’ve been dealt with.

And this is already accounting for the fact that, for the first time in recorded history, a significant number of human individuals live in abundance without fear of dying starved or thirsty.

Society is humanity’s ever-evolving magnum opus–but why is it that people are progressively feeling worse?

The Road to Happiness

This is not due to anything that the world or society has done but simply because humanity’s collective mindset has not been given time to evolve alongside the progress of society. That is where personal responsibility comes in, and Choose To Be Happy by Robert Knapick teaches readers this important life lesson: the road to happiness is worked for and not given; moments of bliss have to be created despite what the universe has in store for everyone–which is nothing.

Remember the world and the universe? They owe no one anything, and it is the responsibility of people to be happy on their own terms with respect to the people around them. 

What Is Happiness Though?

With the apathy of the universe in mind, it is important to note that the happiness talked about in this article does not mean the delight of being or the joy that comes from a resounding high. No. What happiness is–when mentioned here–is the general feeling of contentment that people have with accomplishing something worth doing or the pleasure of being with people whom you regard deeply; happiness is the rush that comes with the realization that life is worth living despite the work that is necessary to keep it going until the end.

Happiness is not one sustained burst of emotion but the accumulation of moments that actualize into a fulfilled life. That is something everyone needs to remember.

Where to Find Those Moments of Bliss

Life is a long and winding road, but everyone makes a stop here and there–and these times of respite are where one finds these moments of bliss. The road to happiness is not a straight and narrow one but a varied, many-branching wonder. Here are some places where happiness comes:

  • Interaction. Humans are social creatures and so require engagement with others of their kind. One of the happiest achievements in life is finding people who understand your being. Find people who will support you whenever trouble comes and celebrate with you whenever good things happen. Simply knowing that you are part of a wider community touches the soul in more ways than one.
  • Health. There is fulfillment and satisfaction that comes with being healthy. As they say, the body is a temple, and keeping it clean and sturdy is a wonderful way of venerating it. Of course, this only means that health is one factor in being happy–do not mistake it as the only way and obsess over its fruition. 
  • Purpose. People love feeling that they are a part of something or that they are making progress in life. People do this by finding meaning for themselves in life and working towards the realization of that meaning. Reflect on yourself and discover what it is that makes you anchored to the world and do or be something you can be proud of.


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